December 2012

Rejoice with us as you read this last report for 2012 – blessings – Jerry and Connie.

Directors Jerry & Connie White LWT Paraguay

Our trip to Guatemala overshadowed most of our activities in November. We spent 14 days traveling to and attending our bi-annual Living Water Teaching Director’s meeting, a three-day Seminar and the Graduation of the 700 Living Water Teaching Bible students in Guatemala.

Once again we placed the reigns of the ministry into the capable hands of our staff, but this time Pastor Victor accompanied us, leaving the rest to carry-on with the normal, day to day schedule. This was Victor’s ‘first’ for many experiences… his flight, passing thru airport security, experiencing earth tremors, eating sea food, drinking orange juice mixed with turtle eggs… the list goes on and on!

Our vision for the work in Paraguay does not stop with us; we want to be prepared ‘if’ and ‘when’ God instructs us to handoff ‘the baton of ministry’ to the next generation. Pastor Victor is the first of our staff that we are training and preparing for future leadership.

It was an honor to spend time with the Directors that represent Living Water Teaching in ten other Latin American countries. We were all encouraged as we shared of the goodness of God and what is happening on the frontlines of this ministry. The Name of Jesus is being lifted up in churches, prisons, hospitals, communities and many other places throughout our world!

Group photo of Directors Guatemala

We also were refreshed with the teachings of Pastor Don Clowers from Texas and Pastor Ed King from Tennessee during the three day Seminar presented for the graduates, pastors and missionaries invited to the Living Water Teaching Campus in Xela, Guatemala. They presented practical Biblical information (the what, why and how) to help the graduates as they step out into their new roles as pastors, teachers and evangelists.

Our trip was also filled with fun events. Jerry thought he was in heaven with the Guatemalan food (rice, black beans, and tortillas), Connie not so much. Even though we had experienced earth tremors before, the 5-during this trip did catch our attention! While in the City of Guatemala, we visited a historical Mayan park. Being as naive as we are, we thought the people present were having a picnic and possible a church service… NOT… turns out it was witchdoctors ‘doing their thing’. At any rate, the devil was under our feet as we walked over their ritual areas… representing the King of Kings – Jesus!

God blessed us and we enjoyed His favor in all that we did… except for the items that the customs confiscated from Victor’s suitcase on the way out of Guatemala! Now we are back home, seeking God for His plan for next Year – 2013. We know that His plan is a good one and we will see Him at work in many hearts and lives in Paraguay.

Jerry and Connie

**The Hola Club Children’s Hospital: During the three visits in November, we prayed for 209 children & parents and had 92 salvations.

**CEB Church: We are so pleased to report on the progress of the Covered Nursery Play Park that is under construction. The metal frame is up and the merry-go-rounds and swings have been placed. Half of the funds needed for the tin roofing and fencing have been received from offerings and fund-raising projects. Soon we will have a secure place to care for the children 4-years old and younger during the services. Their parents will be VERY thankful!

**Prison Ministry: Testimony from Pastor Victor: In the Year 2003, Alfredo gave his heart to God. He was just another ordinary prisoner, but God had his eye on him, with plans to change the story of his life. In the Year 2004, a new CEB Bible Institute class was started and Alfredo’s name was on the list of students. Alfredo showed himself to be an excellent student and with his discipline and effort, he won the respect of his teachers and fellow classmates. After completing all of the CEB Bible Institute requirements, Alfredo became one of the leaders and teachers within the prison. He has reached many with his faith and hope in God, and has also gained the respect of the authorities in the prison with his conduct. The life story of Alfredo doesn’t stop there; God has blessed him financially within the prison walls. Over the years he has established a small store in his cell and has developed into a wise and prosperous merchant. Alfredo has been faithful in giving his tithes and offerings and he has a heart to give to others. The most impressive and unusual thing is that, with his work, Alfredo has been able to buy property and is in the process of having a home built for when he is released from prison. This is the direct fruit of the blessings of God for his obedience, effort and integrity that he has shown as he has served the Lord. There is no limit with God; He will lift up those that have their confidence placed in Him!

**CEB Bible Institute: Lately Jerry has put in many extra hours getting the Bible School data ‘up to date’, which includes attendance, grades and recorded classes. In the process, many students that had been lax in returning their exams or attendance have received personal encouragement to keep moving forward. Soon the end of the year break will be here and everyone can relax knowing that they are ready to start the New Year without the weight of old or unfinished baggage (old exams)….yes; the responsibilities of a director are unlimited!

Blessings – Jerry and Connie.