November 2012

**Our Shouting, Dancing and Crying Section:

Last month we told you about the healing of a hole in the heart of 9 year old Veronica and the liberation of Cynthia from Satan’s grip, this month we are excited to share with you that God has healed Nidia of ovarian cancer. After months of testing and bad reports, Nidia went in to find out what stage of cancer she had and the doctor’s recommendation… she walked away with a clean bill of health, they couldn’t find a trace of what had been detected before!


**The Hola Club Children’s Hospital:

During the four visits in October, we prayed for 277 children & parents and had 126 salvations.

We are so pleased and proud to announce that Children’s Hospital Acosta Ñú has performed to perfection their first heart transplant on a child and - it was a great success! We started visiting the little run-down hospital in 2005 and have seen it transformed into the state of the art hospital that it is today. We, the ladies that God has sent weekly to pray, believe that what we now see is the result of the hours of prayer and the time spent walking in the hallways. These seven years we have proclaimed that the Name of Jesus is over this hospital, proclaiming that all that enter will sense His presence and receive His healing. We have spoken supernatural wisdom and ability to the doctors, nurses and directors and provision for the hospital.

prayingRejoice with us, thanking God for His faithfulness in this hospital which has enabled us to reach out and touch all of Paraguay with His love and power!


**Prison Ministry:

Pastor Victor shared: Oscar Daniel is a Bible student who has been in the prison for two years. Oscar has been sharing with all of his family, from the prison, the Word that he has been receiving. His mother Hermelinda traveled from Encarnación to Capiatá, about 5 hours, to attend our church services; she was seeking liberation from an advanced depression. Hermelinda was a widow with much emotional pain caused by her deceased husband due to his lies, unfaithfulness and frauds. All of this abuse had left her in a state of confusion, distrust, and without self-motivation. After listening to the Word being taught and going forward for prayer, she then went home with Pastor Victor and Marlene. They spent the rest of the afternoon ministering to Hermelinda, until she had to catch the bus back to Encarnación. Her son, Oscar, shared that through this visit, his mother had received hope, peace, and a new desire to continue living. Oscar said, “Mama has started to smile again, and is just waiting until she can return to Asunción and attend the Iglesia CEB (our church). She is very happy! She was set free from depression and oppression.”

Please continue praying for Oscar and his mother Hermelinda, as well as all of the prisoners that are sharing what they are learning with their families.


**CEB Bible Institute:

We are pleased to welcome Marta back to work at the end of November Marta, the secretary/director for the Bible Institute. She has been on emergency leave since August, due to a difficult pregnancy. As we announced last month, God was faithful and Marta gave birth to a beautiful and healthy little girl, Damaris Janeth.

prayingJoin us in praying a blessing over Marta, Dany and their little family!


**Bi-annual trip to Guatemala:

On November 8 at 2:18 am, we will be traveling to Guatemala to attend the LWT Director’s Meeting. This trip up Pastor Victor will be joining us.

Please agree with us by taking authority over the aircraft and the trip in the power of the Holy Spirit that we will arrive safely in Guatemala, traveling and safety mercies while in Guatemala and for our return to Paraguay on November 21.


**Special traveling mercies:

On November 7, returning on November 9, two of our staff members – Edgar, Bette, along with Martin, Bette’s husband – will be traveling by bus to Resistencia, Argentina to attend a conference that has to do with a local church evangelism outreach that we are considering having in March and early April, 2013. The outreach is called INVASIÓN DEL AMOR DE DIOS (Invasion of the Love of God) and will be conducted on a city wide basis as each church evangelizes their neighborhood.

Please pray for their safety to and from the conference, that God will deeply touch their hearts with the vision.

Please pray for the upcoming evangelism outreach in 2013, that the expenses of the entire event are covered in the Name of Jesus.


Blessings – Jerry and Connie.