September 2012


The Hola Club Children’s Hospital: During the five visits in August, we prayed for 428 children & parents and had 242 salvations.

We just have to tell you this… on August 30th, when we arrived at the hospital there was a large group of people sitting out under the trees. Bette made the comment about maybe it was a demonstration or a political rally. We all went about our different duties, but before the afternoon was over, Bette was in the middle of the big group. She introduced herself, explained our presence at the hospital and began talking with some of the group members. She learned that they were all from one family from Colonia Independencia, which is 3 to 4 hours away. They had made the trip to sit with the parents of a 19-day old baby, who was having heart surgery at that very moment. When Bette asked if she could pray with them, the whole group moved their chairs into a circle. After praying for the little baby, she explained the plan of salvation and the whole group... 38-men and women… wept as they repeated the prayer of salvation. That day we had a total of 92 salvations! We are still smiling!

Prison Ministry-Agrupación Especializada: Over the last year Pastor Victor has been working with our leaders in the main military prison preparing them to direct a Campaign of Forgiveness such as we conducted in the LWT church in 2011. During this past year we have had to ‘jump’ several hurdles adjusting to various changes in leadership at the command office level of the National Police. Along the way we experienced several ‘setbacks and delays’ in being able to finalize the training of the leaders. At long last it looks like in the month of October that we will be able to begin the campaign. We have told you this to say that the wait has been worth it – God always know what He is doing! The

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current Commander and Sub-Commander of the prison like very much the work being done with the men under their care; so much in fact that we were asked to prepare 100 laminated visitor cards to use during days of visitation. The visitors have to register with the Officer of the Day upon entering and then are given a visitor card that allows them to enter the area where the prisoner is located – upon leaving the area they must return the card to the guards on duty. Here’s the kicker: the Sub-Commander specifically requested that the card be designed with the Forgiveness Logo with a message of forgiveness for the visitors to read. The Word of God of Forgiveness is being presented to each and every person entering from the outside! PTL! In addition, they have asked us to look into providing 50 trash bins – each ½ of a 50 gallon drum – to be placed through-out the prison yard, and get this, they want the Forgiveness Logo on each trash can! Just shows us that God uses any means to get His Word spread!

CEB Bible Institute: As we approach the end of another school year training the Paraguayans to take the Word of God out to their fellow countryman and woman, we stand amazed at the goodness of our God. Even though the classes only number some 60 students, we believe that these groups of students are just another example of the hunger that we see spreading throughout Paraguay to know more of the Word of God, to better ones personal relationship with God. Requests are being received all the time to extend the teachings into other areas of the interior of Paraguay. It is a privilege being an instrument in God’s hands to teach His Word.

CEB Staff: Thanks for your prayers; the women on Staff are doing great.

Pastor Bette had a biopsy taken on a growth to determine its state… all is well!

Dolia’s severe leg pain was healed at the City-wide campaign!

Rut, Edgar’s wife, experienced healing at the City-wide campaign for her badly sprained ankle.

Marta has grown stronger instead of weaker, as she enters into the last month of her pregnancy.

Special prayer requests:

Please continue to agree with us for the supply of the $350,000 needed for the construction of an office and classroom complex with a chapel to seat approx. 500.

The children’s hospital ministry is growing – we see the need for a larger atleast 15 passenger van for transportation of ministry personnel to and fromthis function as well as other ministry needs. This vehicle needs to be a 2005model or newer if possible.

Connie’s heart desire is to build a Prayer Gazebo on church property – please agree with us for the supply of these funds.

Please agree for us and our staff as we tackle much needed maintenance of ministry property and equipment – may we be good stewards of the resources that God has provided for us.

Blessings – Jerry and Connie.