August 2012


dsc07942aThe duties of a pastor/missionary can cover a wide range of areas and responsibilities. Some of these duties are much more enjoyable then others… and that, my friend, is a great understatement! We would like to share with you one of our ‘enjoyable duties’ during the month of July.

dsc07951aTo give you a little background, while we were in the States, one of the church families shared their faith with a neighbor named Luis. Luis had suffered from diabetes for years, now his sight was all but completely gone and his body failing fast. It was a struggle, but Luis and his wife attended a Sunday service, where the Word touched and changed his heart. Luis had a request - he asked if it would be possible for him to be water baptized. The request was put on hold because of the cold weather, knowing a ‘cold dunking’ was the last thing Luis needed.

dsc07958aSeveral weeks later the church office was called, Luis was in great need of prayer. Pastor Victor went to pray and set the baptism date for the following Friday. When we arrived on that Friday, we were expecting to find a man on his deathbed. What we found was a man sitting on his patio, awaiting our arrival! To look at Luis, you would never know that he had been near deaths door. As friends and family gathered, we had a celebration singing and Jerry shared a few words about water baptism. We then took Luis into the bathroom, filled a bucket with warm water and proceeded to baptize him from head to foot. As soon as Luis was dried off and dressed, he was asking his wife for food… he wanted it now! We watched as this man devoured two hotdogs; he hadn’t had an appetite for weeks.

Recently we visited Luis again, he was still strong, eating well and dancing a jig as he went for his weekly dialysis. Luis says that God is healing him more with every day that passes!


The Hola Club Children’s Hospital: During the three visits in July, we prayed for 184 children & parents and had 138 salvations.

  • Please pray for additional workers to join this vital ministry, several new doors are opening at the hospital for the Hola Club to minister in.

dsc07940aPrison Ministry: Pastor Victor was so pleased that he could replace broken and/or fit some of the prison students with reading glasses. Our home church, Resurrection Fellowship, had blessed us with a large number of reading glasses, and we have had a grand time fitting them to church members, the prison group and anyone who asks!

  • Wednesday’s have once again been offered to us to take more bible studies into the prison. Please pray for continued favor with the authorities and prison personnel.

CEB Bible Institute: Jerry is excited, he is once again teaching in the Bible Institute for the next few weeks. Several churches are once again asking that new classes be started – some by way of correspondence classes and others by way of studies to be presented in the churches.

  • Join us in praying for current and potential new students as they receive the Word of God. It is our prayer that they will take what they are learning and put it to use in their lives, teaching those around them.

CEB Staff: We ask that you would join us in praying protection for our staff. It seems that we have been under a heavy spiritual attack against the health of the women or wives of the staff members.

  • Pastor Bette has had to have a biopsy taken on a growth to determine its state.
  • Dolia has had severe leg pain for several weeks and was rushed to the hospital with severe abdominal pain this week.
  • Rut, Edgar’s wife, experienced a badly sprained ankle while counseling at a youth camp.
  • Marta has been confined to complete bed rest for the last month of her pregnancy.
  • Several members of our governing board are suffering attacks of sickness in the family and lack work to support their families.

Our son Brent: We continue to stand in faith for the complete recovery of Brent. In the natural the pain continues, but we will not back down…greater is our God! We are watching expectantly for his healing.

  • Please continue to speak healing to his body and thanking God for a complete victory.

Blessings – Jerry and Connie