June 2012

Prayer Requests:


1. Hola Club Children’s Hospital Ministry: Each week we receive reports from the ladies of their ministry and the many salvations at the children’s hospital. Here is a testimony from the last visit: As the ladies were making their prayer rounds, a doctor came up to them and began thanking them for the work that they were doing. In like turn, the ladies thanked the doctor for all that he was doing for the children. Before the doctor walked away, the ladies had shared Jesus with him and he prayed the prayer of salvation. Needless to say, that made the day for the ladies, they rejoiced all the way home!

Please pray that this ministry will continue to reach out to the hurting and hopeless. We are touching the Nation of Paraguay as we share Jesus personally with everyone we come in contact with. Pray for more dedicated workers, we have been given the opportunity to go into new areas of the hospital. As God answers our prayer for more workers, we will need more transportation to get them there and back…please pray for the solution to this upcoming opportunity!


2. Pray for us as we say goodbye to our sons & daughters, our grandchildren, Jerry’s mom and the extended family and friends. This is always the most difficult time for us.


3. We are asking prayer for our travel back home. June 14th we fly from: Denver to Dallas (2 hrs. lay over) then on to Miami (4 hrs. layover) then to Bolivia (11 hrs. layover) and finally on to Paraguay. We are asking for favor, provision for extra luggage and safety during our return travel time.


4. Please pray for us as we settle back into the culture and responsibilities of the church and ministry in Paraguay. In the past adjusting to the altitude, food, water and insect bites has been hard on the body… pray that this time we will forego all the discomforts!


As we land, we will hit the ground running to keep up with all the scheduled events in the church.

  • spacerSaturday, June 16, Special Service of Celebration and the Word of God.
  • Sunday, June 17, Father’s Day.
  • Friday, June 22, Monthly Intercessory Prayer and Praise Service.
  • Friday, June 15th is the CEB Church’s 15th Anniversary, we will be celebrating big time on Sunday, June 24th. Please pray for our staff as they prepare for the big celebration. We are asking God to bless our time together as we, as a church body, thank Him for our extended church family. May we love, honor and cherish one another and the work that God has trusted to all of us in the City of Capiatá, Paraguay.