May 2012


grmawhiteThis year we have the privilege to be with Jerry’s mother, Leora White. Mom White is the last of our parents still living. Connie’s mother, Lois Sheneman, passed away nearly seven years ago, but the memories stay sweet; as well as the memories of our precious grandmothers on both sides. God has blessed our families with wonderful and godly mothers in our daughters and daughter-in-laws that keep the ‘home fires’ strong and loving… and then following them are the grand-daughters!


Prayer emphasis:

First of all, please lift up Mom White in your prayers. At the age of 84, she still lives alone in Loveland, Colorado. Compared to many, Mom is doing very well health wise. Join us in blessing her and praying that her last years will be filled with peace and comfort.
jeremyMay also holds the one of the main reasons that we are still in the States, our grandson Jeremy White graduates from Thompson Valley High School! Jeremy has made us so proud with his strong stand for God, his excellent grade average and his love for playing the great game of baseball. Please join us in praying that Jeremy’s dreams and desires for his future will come to pass as he honors and serves God.
spacerIn Paraguay, Marta de Benitez, one of our secretaries, has been experiencing health problems due to her delicate pregnancy. She is now on a medical leave from her office and church duties. Please pray that Marta’s body is able to carry this pregnancy to completion and that she will grow stronger with each day.
This is the season for the Dengue outbreaks (mosquito carried disease) in Paraguay. Please pray for the people of the nation, in particular Pastor Victor’s wife, Marlene, who has been experiencing some of the painful Dengue symptoms.
Continue to lift up the CEB Church in Paraguay. The attendance reports are staying steady as our people faithfully meet out under the trees. (We continue to thank God for the provision for our church buildings, knowing that nothing is impossible for Him.) Pray for the families, relationships, finances, souls and a great outpouring of God’s presence in all of the churches.


Connie requests special prayer for two areas...

God’s Word says to make our desires known, so here goes…. (Anyone looking for a missions trip/project?)

1.) Due to the lack of buildings at this time, it is my desire to prepare an enclosed play area for the nursery age children. This would be a safe place where the small ones could be cared for as their parents attend the church services. (Needed: Fencing/gate, overhead tarp, and play equipment. Also, a sleeping area for the infants, if possible.)

2.) A Prayer Gazebo… a gazebo built large enough for at least 10 people. The ladies intercession group now sits out under the trees to pray on the property. (Needed: Building materials, seating, lights, ceiling fan, and screening.)


**Current equipment needs in Paraguay

Lawn maintenance equipment - mower, hand tools and such – are no longer servable -- $1,500 is needed to purchase new equipment to maintain the eleven (lots) of ministry property – currently our staff is relegated to doing most of the cleanup manually with machetes.

Computer desktop systems for office – we are in need of 3 new systems at a cost of $700 each in Paraguay – total needed $2,100.

2012 may ty picture1DESIRE OF THE HEART LIST - Laptop and IPad2 for Paraguay recording and playback purposes – we would like to purchase these here in the US to take back with us in June -- $1,200 needed (these items are very expensive in Paraguay, more than double the cost than in the US.