April 2012



Colorado in April… hope and joy just well up in our hearts as we soak in the warm sun and feast on the colors of spring! How about you? Don’t you just feel the stirring of adventure as you face each and every new day? God has such good plans… look out world here we come!

image006No matter how many years we have lived in South America, the ‘real spring’ will always be in April and not in September! Everything seems to be backwards ‘down south of the equator’… we celebrate spring in September, sit under a shade tree eating watermelon at Christmas (which is summer), starting in March the temperature begins to cool and autumn leaves fall, then from June to August we shiver from the cold. Didn’t we tell you it was backwards?

Speaking of Paraguay, our weekly reports have been very good! Pastor Victor and the Staff are doing a great job keeping all of the ‘ministry activities rolling’. Word is, they are experiencing some unusual weather patterns also with some early cold spells and rain. Since our church services are still being held outside under a large tarp, the weather can have an effect on attendance. They reported that on the warm Sundays, church attendance has been up to 166 and more… this makes us smile with pride and praise God! Then, a couple of Sundays arrived with temperatures in the 50s with wind-driven rains… the attendance dropped to 86 and 116. Ouch! But you know that fact makes us even more proud and we praise God for a group of loyal believers that are willing to celebrate God’s love and Word… even with rivers of water running under their chairs!


** (We would like to have indoor services! Please join us in thanking God for the buildings that He has in store for us… we believe, receive and are truly thankful!)

Jerry and Connie


Prayer requests:

With every year, the threat of Dengue (a mosquito carried illness similar to Yellow Fever) rages through the barrios (neighborhoods) causing much pain and discomfort and sometimes death. The hospitals are full of suffering adults and children who are confined to sleeping under little tents of netting for long periods of time. One member of our Staff, Marta Segovia de Benitez has been diagnosed with possible symptoms of Dengue. She was confined to the hospital for a few days for various tests and then sent home for the ‘one-month bed rest’ that is vital for the recovery process.

**Please lift up in prayer Marta and her husband Dani during this difficult time. They are also just 3 months pregnant and Marta needs her strength during this time.

**Please pray for our Staff members as they shift some of their normal responsibilities to cover the areas in which Marta was working. We are asking for patience, wisdom and super-natural ability to get all of the work completed with joy and excellence.

We thank God for the improvements that we are seeing in our son Brent. He still suffers the pain, but his outlook is much more positive. Our hearts rejoice when we see a smile on his face and hope in his eyes. **Please keep lifting him, his wife Paula and their children Casey, Jeremy and Jamie up to God.

Thank you for your prayer support, we are feeling much more rested and stronger in body and spirit. God has blessed us over and over in giving us opportunities to soak in His Word and fellowship with His family and we are truly thankful.

**We are asking for prayer personally as we continue to keep our ‘spiritual ears’ attuned to listening for God’s plans and directions as we approach our return to Paraguay in June.

**Current equipment financial needs in Paraguay

  • Lawn maintenance equipment - mower, hand tools and such – are no longer servable -- $1,500 is needed to purchase new equipment to maintain the eleven (lots) of ministry property – currently our staff is relegated to doing the cleanup manually with machetes.
  • Computer desktop systems for office – we are in need of 3 new systems at a cost of $700 each in Paraguay – total needed $2,100.
  • DESIRE OF THE HEART LIST - Laptop and IPad2 for Paraguay recording and playback purposes – we would like to purchase these here in the US to take back with us in June -- $1,200 needed (these items are very expensive in Paraguay, more than double the cost than in the US.

Thank you