March 2012


The Hola Club Children’s Hospital visitation program is back on track after the end of the 2011 vacations! During the three visits in January, the ladies prayed for 147 children & parents and had 107 salvations. In February there were four visits, resulting in 214 prayed for and 123 salvations.

Dolia wrote: “During one of the February visits there was a little 1-year old girl named Nilan, she was suffering from a virus which caused bumps and purple spots on her face. It hurt my heart to see her like this, so we prayed and afterwards she was completely normal!

** Please continue to pray for this ministry, it is our desire that we are able to see all the little bodies healed and their parents and families receiving love, compassion, hope and Jesus! Each year we are amazed to see how we are touching the vast majority of Paraguay with the Word as parents bring their children to this hospital from every district.

(Here’s a glory shout… during the Year 2011, the Hola Club seen 1,429 salvations of parents and older children at the Children’s Hospital!)

CEB Church: Pastor Victor reports that the church attendance continues to grow from month to month. When we left in September the weekly attendance averaged about 148; they are now averaging about 158 in attendance!

** Join us in lifting up the Staff in prayer as they minister to this growing body. It is our desire to reach out to each and every age group and minister at the point of their need.

** Pray for the individual church members: some are grabbing hold of the Word and their lives are being changed; others are present, but their lives and situations never seem to be affected.

CEB Bible Institute: The new class year for 2012 has started in February for the different levels and areas of classes.

** Pray for the students to have hearts to hear and receive the Word, that they will be faithful to the weekly classes, and that they will take what they are learning to their different communities.

** Pray for more qualified graduates to join the teaching staff so that other classes maybe presented.

Marta Segovia Benitez is the Bible Institute Director, she and her husband Dani have announced that they are expecting a child in about 7 months.

**Please lift up this precious couple in prayer. Marta has experienced difficulty in carrying the babies in the past; they lost one child at 6 months and another at 2 months.

** Pray for Marta’s health and emotions, as well as the development and birth of this little one.

** Our son Brent: We continue to stand in faith for the complete recovery of Brent. In the natural the pain continues, but we will not back down…greater is our God! We are sitting on the edge of our chairs, watching expectantly for his healing. Please continue to speak healing to his body and thanking God for a complete victory.

** Our granddaughter Casey experienced an abrupt health problem while at college in Arkansas; the doctors could find no medical reason for it. Her ‘spiritual mother’ there asked if it could be possible that someone in Paraguay has placed a ‘curse’ upon our sons and grandchildren, especially the first-born of each generation? (Casey is Brent & Paula’s first child.) Our answer is, of course! We deal with a lot of occult problems and situations. We have always taken authority over and cast down the works of the enemy over our lives and those of our children. We also realize that many times when there is no medical base for an illness or problem, most likely you are dealing with a spiritual situation. This same question was raised by one of our Staff members in Paraguay. So, if indeed we are missing something, we ask that you would join your voice with ours and break any foul curse or warfare against our family and ourselves. We repent if we have opened any spiritual doors and we slam them closed in the Name of Jesus. We proclaim that Jesus is Lord over our lives, His precious blood cleanses and protects us and we speak healing and freedom over each and every member of our family…friends… supporters… staff members… and church family. Amen.

** Connie’s older brother Richard: Please pray for his March 14 surgery to correct some blood flow blockages in some main arteries.

Blessings – Jerry and Connie.