January 2012

Greetings from Loveland, Colorado!

picture1 We have had a wonderful time preparing for and spending this Christmas season with our family and friends. It had been 4-years since we have had the opportunity to be in the States for Christmas and did we ever make the most of it! We pray that your holiday memories are as special as ours.

We thank you for your continued prayers for our son Brent. In the natural there has not been a lot of improvement; at this time his whole left side (from his face down to his toes) is being affected. BUT, every time we check with God, He says that He is working, so we choose to believe and trust in His Word.

The up-date on Jerry’s mother, Leora, is positive! After falling at Thanksgiving and cracking a bone in her leg, she is now up walking and back to being her old cheerful self. We have been staying with her and she says that she isn’t going to let us go back to Paraguay… she says this with a smile, but pray that when the time comes, she will not be distressed.

We are receiving great reports from Paraguay! The work continues with souls being saved, bodies healed and the Word taught. The CEB Church is now averaging 160 in attendance on Sunday mornings. In fact, over 400 people were ministered to in one way or another during the month of December through the different departments! The prison ministry is going strong as well as the children’s hospital ministry. In December, we asked each staff member to take the time to send us a summary of their goals and desires for their individual departments for the upcoming year. We were both blessed and encouraged to read their reports. Please pray for wisdom and direction as the Paraguayan Staff (Pastor Victor, Edgar, Bette, Marta, Dolia, Luis and Rodrigo) enter into this New Year of challenges and opportunities. Pray for the CEB Church, it is our desire that each and every member experiences a personal relationship and growth in Jesus Christ in this New Year.

Personally, we have decided to remain in the States until June, which is when our airline tickets expire. During this time we will be traveling to the LWT - US Office and attending a conference in Texas; setting up a schedule to visit supporting churches throughout the nation, and to be present for our grandson Jeremy’s High School Graduation. We ask that you join us in praying for wisdom, direction, and favor as we enter into this New Year. As always, new supporters and a greater financial base would be great.

So far we have had great success in directing the LWT-Paraguay Ministry from long distance, but we have had to rely heavily on Pastor Victor to handle situations that have risen in Paraguay. Pray that God will give this young minister strength and wisdom beyond his years… (thick skin too!)

We thank you for your prayers and encouragement, your love is a blessing to us.

LWT - Paraguay

Jerry & Connie