May 2011

Greetings from Paraguay!



Here is one reason why we keep doing what we do…


In April a young mother at the children’s hospital shared this testimony with Pastor Bette, one of our staff members and a hospital volunteer. Her newborn daughter was in trouble - the doctors told the mother to prepare for the worse, the baby wouldn’t last the night. Shortly after receiving the news, the grieving mother was approached by Bette, who offered hope and prayer. Bette shared with the new mother that even when the doctors can no longer help, we have a Heavenly Father who can. After a time of comfort and encouraging words, Bette prayed with the mother for her baby. Afterwards, she shared the plan of salvation and the mother received Jesus.


That was 15 days ago… during the last weekly visit of April, Bette found the little mother still sitting outside the intensive care unit of the hospital. This time she was greeted with smiles… the baby girl was alive and improving! The little mother said that every day she has been talking and praying with other mothers that have received the same negative ‘doctor’s report’. She tells them to put their hope and trust in God, He has the last word and it is life…just look her daughter is alive!


This hospital ministry is touching lives from all over the Nation of Paraguay. A number of parents have shared that they had never heard of the love of God and the plan of salvation before talking with us.


Jerry & Connie


We praise God that:


The Hola Club Children’s Hospital Ministry: April we made three visits, praying with 308 people and 184 adults and older children prayed and received Jesus.


The CEB Church: The month of April was dedicated to the teaching and training of the church in what we called a ‘Family Seminar’. What started out to be a special outreach to the youth of the church quickly grew into a project of building solid family foundations in all of the church departments. While the adults received a series of teachings on how to bless their children taught by Jerry, the teens were receiving practical teachings in how to live a pure life and how to confront dating and sexual peer pressures, taught by Victor Cardozo and Marta Segovia. At the same time the children learned, under the teaching of Connie and the Sunday school staff, that God had made them special and how to protect themselves from abuses.


This year it is our goal to meet the practical needs of the people through Word based teachings and training. The foundation laid with each passing year is preparing for a great harvest of souls that we know is coming soon!



The Construction: In April we made the decision to replace the existing wooden platform with a permanent stage area. On April 17 a construction crew was hired to construct an amphitheater type stage with walls and a roof. This area will serve us greatly as we continue to wait until we can build our first sanctuary complex. Afterwards, it will be a great blessing for outdoor weddings, concerts, and services. God is good! Here is a picture of the progress made by the end of April.


200 bicentenario pyThe Nation of Paraguay: May 14th, Paraguay will be celebrating their 200 Year Independence Anniversary from Spain. As a church, we have set aside Sunday the 15th as a time to thank God for this nation and to celebrate this great occasion with typical music and dance. Next month we will include pictures of the decorations and the celebration!


Join us in PRAYING for:


The Nation of Paraguay: The epidemic of Dengue (a sickness similar to malaria, carried by mosquitoes) has weakened, but the hospitals continue to receive patients suffering from this outbreak. Continue to pray for protection and healing for the people who have contacted the disease. The people suffer greatly with severe headaches and body pains. Most who develop the last stages of bleeding from the eyes, nose and mouth, do not live. When the doctors can only comfort the patients with medicines, God can heal them!


grupo perdona coraznThe national wide campaign of ‘Forgiveness: We have completed the first phase of the preparation for this life changing campaign… the church staff has completed the training. Next comes the training of the group leaders… even now this phase is in progress. With the goal of 1,000 Paraguayan churches participating in this outreach, we are expecting to touch the communities nationwide. Please pray as first the pastors and their families, then the church staffs, and finally the churches and communities are healed and prepared to receive God’s Word.


Personal request for our son Brent: for complete healing. We know that God always keeps his Word, our faith and hope is in Him.


Construction funds needed: The amphitheater project is one project programmed for 2011. We desperately need to start construction on the Sunday school annex need as well as the first phase of the new sanctuary. Please agree for the necessary funding that we may begin as soon as possible. Approximately $250.000 in funding is needed.


Thank you