January 2011

Greetings from Paraguay!

The New Year 2011 has begun and we are looking forward to a ‘Year of Construction’. First, the continued ‘spiritual construction’ of the people of all ages that God has brought and will bring into our path, and the ‘natural construction’ of our first church building. Once the repairs are completed on the office building, we will launch out into the main construction. We are talking with contractors now to start the repairs. For sure, there is an excitement in the air, it is as if everyone is waiting for the moment to leap out and start the work. We have already had neighbors coming to ask if they can be hired to work on the new building. Just the thought of this next phase beginning brings smiles and joy to the hearts of us all!

One of our prayer warriors shared this heart’s desire: “…oh, to be able to once again come together as a body, worshipping God until all time seems stop and we enter His presence.” During our first year on our own property, while we met on the small patio behind the office, we experienced these precious times. Not even the throwing of stones, chicken bones, old fruit, nor, the calling of the police, could hinder our encounters with God. What sweet memories! Oh, we are still experiencing God’s presence each Sunday, but, we have to admit, it is a bit difficult to concentrate being out in the open with the neighborhood activities going on around us. As pastors, hearing this ‘spiritual hunger’ causes us to rejoice and be assured that there is spiritual growth happening. Thank God, the Year 2011 is the Year of Construction… another goal coming within reach!

Jerry & Connie


The Acosta Ñú Children’s Hospital: Here are the amazing totals of the ministry in the Acosta Ñú Children’s Hospital for the Year 2010, enjoy. The fruit of our labor is so sweet!

Persons prayed with: 3,340
Salvations: 1,430
Bibles given: 52
Written materials given: 10,054

Stuffed animals given: 1,021
Diapers given: 2,134
Pacifiers given: 87
Baby bottles given: 84

The CEB Church: We were back in the pulpit during the month of December. What a joy to be able to once again share the Word with our faithful congregation. Rain caused a bit of concern on a couple of Sundays, but we gathered together and had a great time anyway. On the Sunday morning that the children and youth presented their Christmas programs, the weather was perfect. God is so good!

December was a difficult time for several members of our congregation and a very busy time for us as the year came to a close. Through all these difficult situations, we as a church have seen God’s faithfulness and protection:

*First off, a young couple, Arnaldo & Diana, was returning home from a late celebration of a 15th Birthday, when their van was struck by three racing motorcycles. Diana had to be pried out of the van. Even though two of the motorcyclists were in serious condition, Arnaldo & Diana were treated for bruises and shock, and then released.

*A new family in the church (and in the Lord), lost their mother to cancer.

*Oscar, one of our youth, collided with another motorcyclist and struck his head on the stone street. He had to have surgery to remove blood that had formed on his brain. Oscar is now home and healing!

*A family pleading for help brought their demon possessed daughter to the home of a church member. Jerry and the Ladies Prayer Team responded to the plea; they prayed, took authority, and the young woman went home free!

*A young couple in the church experienced a second miscarriage. They shared that their hope and trust is in God and believe that they will be blessed with a family in the future.

Thank God for his grace and mercy that is new every morning!

CEB Church Construction: Our latest fund raising project for the building construction fund is selling raffle tickets for a beautiful handmade tablecloth with twelve napkins, which were donated by a church family. The estimated cost of the tablecloth is around $300. If all of the tickets sale, we will earn about $560 for the construction…. That will buy approximately 9,000 bricks!

Join us in PRAYING for:

  1. We are asking God for wisdom for this New Year. It is our heart desire to do exactly as He instructs, follow His timetable, and rest in Him.
  2. The attacks of the enemy seem to be getting bolder and stronger, but to every situation God responds with more power, authority and blessings. His spoken instruction to us is to ‘rest in Him’. We asked: “Father God how can we ‘rest’ with so much negative happening?” He responded: “Resting is possible when there is ‘trust’… put your trust in me.”
  3. We ask that you will continue to prayerfully support Living Water Teaching – Paraguay during this New Year of 2011, we are counting on you!
Thank you for your faithful prayers.