June 2011

Greetings from Paraguay!




dsc06088aThe Year 2011 has been a year of celebration for the Nation of Paraguay, marking their 200th Year of Independence from Spain. Red, white and blue banners cover government buildings, schools, businesses and entryways of individual homes. (The colored flags waving cause us to feel at home because the colors are the same as the Old Glory of the USA!) We, as a church, joined in the celebration on Sunday, May 15, which marked the date of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. There were a few eyebrows raised around the religious community, but we stood our ground, declaring that Christians should be proud of their country! With the National Anthem ringing, the youth started the celebration by parading the Paraguayan flag, the Christian flag, the Bible, and other written banners before the congregation, then placing them on the platform. From that point on we joyfully praised God, our guest musicians sang songs that honored Paraguay and lifted up the Name of Jesus, dancers preformed the traditional dances, and we had a grand time! The short message that Pastor Jerry spoke encouraged the people to honor God, obey the laws of the land and to make a difference in the Nation of Paraguay with their testimonies. Later in the week, history was made when a great number of the evangelical pastors and leaders filled the Congress Hall in Asunción (for the first time), praying and declaring a blessing over their Nation and their leaders. Throughout the month of May, the main highways and streets all over the country have been blocked from time to time as school children, bands, and military and police personal parade their colors… very exciting! We know in our hearts that God has BIG PLANS for this little nation, and we are making a difference as we present the Word and love of God.


Jerry & Connie


We praise God that:


The Hola Club Children’s Hospital Ministry: In May we made four visits, praying with 265 people and 156 adults and older children prayed and received Jesus.


mp9102164131Hospital testimony: On Saturday, May 21, Jerry received a message on his cell phone. It started out by saying “Please forgive me for bothering you, my name is Mabel and I am 16 years old, I was in the Acosta Nú Hospital (Intensive Care Unit). My father brought to me a few papers that you had given to him. And, thanks to the wonderful words that were written on them, it gave me the strength to return home. I am very grateful and may God bless you always.”


After asking, we found that Dominica was the volunteer who had talked and prayed with the father of Mabel. She said that he had listened, received Jesus, joined her in praying for his daughter and took the little stuffed heart and information into Mabel. Thank you Jesus!


dsc05815aThe CEB Church: We continue to complete our goal of ‘extended training’ of the church members this year! We have started a second phase of training, which includes joining with hundreds of churches throughout Paraguay in presenting a ‘Forgiveness Campaign’. Our Staff is preparing thirty-five leaders to head up the big campaign that will be presented in our church and many others in the months of June and July. The Holy Spirit is stirring up a new hunger in the hearts of the people through the healing of their hearts and setting them free to worship Him. We have spent hours in the preparation for this great move of God, as have many other pastors and leaders. Already we are enjoying the fruit of our labor, knowing that once the program is set in motion, the harvest will be great.


The Construction: The amphitheater stage is up and in the last stages of being completed! Even though it lacked paint and tiling, we were able to use the stage area for our grand Independence Celebration on Sunday, May 15 (see previous picture). We as a congregation are so proud and pleased of what God has blessed us with, a truly beautiful structure. Isn’t God good?


CFC Prison Ministry: Pastor Victor had shared with us about a special prayer request made by one of his men in the prison. A father reported that his teenage daughters’ personality had changed completely and she had been acting strangely. This change had come about after the youth in her school began playing with the Ouija Board. The fathers’ heart cry was that his daughter be set free from this demonic slavery. The men in the prison and our Staff began to pray about the situation. The father reported that his daughter finally agreed to go to a church where she was set free in Jesus’ Name!


A note of interest: Around the same time, a national television news report told of a classroom of youth, instructed by their teacher that had been experimenting with the Ouija Board. It was reported that suddenly one day the whole group of students began speaking with strange voices and acting violently in the classroom. In the middle of everything, the teacher jumped up, ran out of the building and tried to cast himself down the school well. The news reporter stated that the whole community, which is located in the interior of the country, was alarmed and filled with fear. They were calling on the Catholic Church to do something.


Join us in PRAYING for:


The Nation of Paraguay: The epidemic of Dengue (a sickness carried by mosquitoes) continues to lessen, but the hospitals are still receiving patients suffering from this outbreak.


Another epidemic has taken a greater hold in this nation and it is crime. Day after day there are reports of robberies, brutal murders, child neglect and abuse of all kinds. Pray for the nation, we are indeed waging a spiritual battle for the lives of this people.


perdona coraznThe national wide campaign called ‘Forgiveness’: We are completing the third phase of the preparation for this life changing campaign… the group leaders are in training. In a very short time, we will launch the campaign in the church and are expecting great results as God works in the hearts and lives of our people. As we have stated, the goal is to have 1,000 Paraguayan churches participating in this outreach. We are expecting to touch the communities nationwide. Please pray for this great event.


Continue to lift up our son Brent: for complete healing. We know that God always keeps his Word, our faith and hope is in Him. Amen.


Thank you.