April 2011

Greetings from Paraguay!

If your life is drab and boring, come and visit us, things are happening here!

We’ve got two stories for you:

  1. romina y cirilaDuring the last two weeks in March, the devil made a big mistake and he got his walking papers! Here’s the story: Cirila, a little grandma in our church, got wind about a neighbor’s niece that had recently arrived from the campo (country). Romina, the 27 year old niece, was having multiple epileptic seizers every day; they had started when she was about 8 years old. Her parents were desperate; they had tried everything from medicines to witch doctors, with no results. Bold little Cirila took charge of Romina and brought her to one of the weekly prayer times. In the middle of the prayer, Romina experienced a seizer, startling the ladies, they prayed and the seizer passed. It didn’t take long to see that they were dealing with more than a physical sickness; they had entered into spiritual warfare! For two weeks the ladies group prayed, fasted and took authority. The foul spirit would interrupt every activity with thrashing about and grunts. When they took authority, Romina would suddenly lay still, close her eyes as if sleeping or hiding. With each encounter they knew that the hold of the evil spirit had not been broken but it was weakening. On Tuesday morning, 03/29, Pastor Bette came into my office (Connie) with a burden for Romina. She said she felt that we needed to go to minister to her. We quickly grabbed Dolia, our head intercessor, and left. After talking with Romina, we were convinced that she had not been completely open with us. Finally she admitted that the witchdoctor had given her a little idol (saint) with a copy of its picture to protect her, it was hidden in her room. After retrieving it, she was willing to pray and denounce the idol; then, she smashed and burned it. In an unbelievable short time, the power of the demon was broken and God set Romina free. On Friday, 04/1, she attended another of the weekly prayer times; this time she sat with her Bible, reading and praying with us. She reported that she had not experienced another attack and she wanted to learn more about God and his power. On Sunday morning, 04/3, during the church service Romina testified before all that God had set her free when the witchdoctors could do nothing.
  2. hospital signThe second shout of glory is about our last visit to the children’s hospital! Only four of the ladies could go, due to sickness in the group. It took us twice as long to minister, but by the time we were finished, we had talked and prayed with 102 people and there were 74 that prayed the prayer of salvation. What a day!


Jerry & Connie



The Hola Club Children’s Hospital Ministry: In March we made five visits, praying with 369 people and 229 adults and older children prayed and received Jesus. (It was a record month for us!)


The CEB Church: Much of March was spent in prayer, attending seminars and a preparation time for the church staff. We feel that, in the direction that God is leading us, there will be a great spiritual renewing, inter-healing and church growth in the next few months. We will keep you posted!


A wise person knows that the ‘state of the finances’ of a church is always a good indication of the ‘spiritual health’ of the church. We are continuing to see an increase in the tithes and offerings of the church. This tells us that the members are hearing, believing and doing the Word!



The CFC Prison Ministry: The new Bible classes are continuing with great success, as well as the church services. God is doing a work in the hearts and lives of the men as they seek Him.

Join us in PRAYING for:


mosquitoThe Nation of Paraguay : The authorities have declared an epidemic of Dengue (a type of yellow fever sickness carried by mosquitoes). All the national and private hospitals are filled with victims, as well as many more who are suffering at home. There have been a number of deaths reported. Our neighborhood has now been included in the infected list. Our employee, Dolia Segovia has been diagnosed with Dengue as well as a teenager, Ronald, and other church members. Please pray. (Just got word from Dolia, she says that supernaturally the head and body aches and sickness have stopped and she is resting. She is ready to continue going after the devil in prayer and intercession!)


The church repair and construction: Even though we have not been able to begin the church construction as desired, we are still moving forward. Within two weeks we will be replacing the deteriorating plywood pulpit platform with a permanent outdoor amphitheater. In the future, this area will be used for outdoor services, weddings and special events. For now, it will keep the music group from falling through the flooring!

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** One interesting factor that has hindered our ability to begin the construction is the inability to find laborers that can work legally. (They need to be registered with the government because of a new income tax program.) Continue to pray for provision and the perfect timing of God. We are asking God for skilled laborers that will do excellent work.


A future all church event: In June, a large number of the evangelical churches are coming together to present a national wide campaign called: Forgiveness. Paraguay will be the second nation latina to present this campaign on a national level; Guatemala was the first, with amazing results. We are also expecting great results as hearts are healed in individuals, marriages, families and churches. We expect this campaign to touch all of the communities, government and also the unsaved. Please pray as first the pastors and their families, then the church staffs, and finally the churches and communities are healed and prepared to receive God’s Word and healing.


We continue to wait expectantly for the opportunity to have our own home or apartment, so that the office area can be expanded. Join us in thanking God for the provision; we have sown our seeds and are watering them with thanksgiving.


Personal requests for our sons: Brent complete healing and work, Patrick wisdom concerning his business. Nineteen years ago, when we came to Paraguay, God promised to personally care for our children. We know that God always keeps his Word, our faith and hope is in Him.


Thank you.