July 2011

Greetings from Paraguay!



The ‘Forgiveness Campaign’ has become the center of our activities as a church. We have poured hours of preparation time into this program which includes: prayer (lots and lots of prayer); training of leaders; formatting and copying handout materials; writing of materials; preparing video presentations; organizing groups; studying and teaching.


We have joined forces with churches nationwide, setting a goal of 1,000 churches to participate together in bring healing to Paraguay. The message and teaching is centered on the book: ‘The Turning of the Heart in 40 Days’, written by Pastor Rony Madrid of Guatemala.


Testimonies y reports have started to come in from our Staff and leaders as they have allowed God to begin a healing process in their own hearts, through being willing to forgive the hurts of the past. The process has been eye-opening as well as heart-opening as we have confronted the ‘skeletons of un-forgiveness’ that have been buried over the years. It’s not the digging up of old memories, but the decision to forgive and release the offence, that brings the healing. Without the forgiveness, all you experience is pain! The Word tells us plainly that if we refuse to forgive the offences of others, God is unable to forgive ours. How empty and painful is a life lived without the forgiveness of our Father God?


campaa perdonaFor many, the process has been painful, filled with private and public tears, as they bravely chose to be doers of the Word of God. One young lady shared the painful memories of an abusive father and the knowledge that he had ordered the murder of her brother 7 or 8 years ago. Another struggled with the desire and ability to forgive the loss of their son. Many have been robbed of their joy and blessings because of the un-forgiveness that separates in… childhood memories, family relationships, marriages, business dealings, friendships, etc. At times it is not only the need to forgive, but also to ask forgiveness… we being the ones who have caused the pain!


Yes, it is quite an endeavor that the churches have taken on, but as the church body is healed, we will be able to reach out with answers, love and compassion for a hurting world.


Jerry & Connie


PS: After receiving one of the teachings in the Preschool Sunday School Class, little Jessica, 4 years old, went to her parents later on that Sunday and told them that she needed to ask their forgiveness, she hadn’t been treating them right and she had not been acting right. The Word works as we learn and open our hearts!


We praise God that:


The Hola Club Children’s Hospital Ministry: So far in June we have made four visits, praying with 263 people. 153 adults and older children prayed and received Jesus. (We still have one week more in the month of June, so the total numbers will be greater!)


The CEB Church: God has blessed us with a core of willing workers that lift up our arms in the daily and weekly outreach to our neighborhood. We are so thankful for each one of them.


The Construction: We are enjoying the blessing that God has given us! But, with the cold winds that have been blowing, comes the renewed desire to have our building with floors, walls and a ceiling. (Attending services this time of the year reminds me of going duck hunting with my dad & sitting in the duck blind waiting for some poor cold duck to fly over! Ha! Connie)


CFC Prison Ministry: Pastor Victor has 8 leaders preparing to present the ‘Forgiveness Campaign’ to their fellow prisoners. We are expecting some great healings and testimonies as God works in their hearts also.


Join us in PRAYING for:


The Nation of Paraguay: In making some strategy moves in preparation for the next Presidential election, President Lugo has made some very strange decisions and replacements of his government heads. Even though the law states that the President can only hold office for one-term, Mr. Lugo is determined to change the law and re-run for election. Only 22 years have passed since Paraguay was freed from a dictator and become a democratic nation. Pray for the government and wisdom for the people.


The national wide campaign called ‘Forgiveness’: We are completing the fourth phase of this life changing campaign… the church body has been divided into 23 groups, as we study and learn together. Please pray for the individual leaders and those that are opening their hearts to the work of God.


Continue to lift up our son Brent for complete healing. We join our faith with that of his and those that are praying for him. Without a doubt, we know that God always keeps his Word, our faith and hope is in Him. Amen.


Thank you – Jerry and Connie.