September 2011

Greetings from Paraguay!

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In August we spent several days traveling in the interior of the country, sharing with pastors and church leaders about the Forgiveness Campaign. What a blessing this campaign has been to our congregation… so we have done everything that we can think of to get the message out to the churches that are far from the flow of the regular church information. Seeing the results of God’s forgiveness and healing, as believers are willing to walk in love and forgiveness with one another, has caused us to put forth an extra effort to share the message. What are the results of our ‘extra effort time’? Some very happy and motivated pastors! We have written materials and provided copies to the pastors; provided a large discount in the price of the books and materials to be purchased; traveled from meeting to meeting over back roads that turn into trails; and suffered some very cold days… just to name a few things. Praise God, hearts and lives are being changed by the Word, and we are seeing new hope and desire rising up in the hearts of the believers. God is preparing His church to minister to the great numbers that will be coming into His salvation in the days, months and years to come!


Jerry & Connie


We praise God that:


The Hola Club Children’s Hospital Ministry: In August we made four visits, praying with 272 people,with 100 adults and older children praying and receiving Jesus.


Hospital Testimonies:


  1. Monica, a 16 year old girl, lay in the hospital bed unable to move her legs. We rubbed her legs and prayed, then lead Monica, her mother and her boyfriend to Jesus. The next week Monica could hardly wait to tell us that after we prayed, she was able to walk again. The doctors found a cyst on her spine that was causing the problem. Monica said that she was scheduled for surgery, so we prayed for peace of mind and guidance for the hands of the surgeons. Several times Monica said that she and her family will be attending the church when she has recovered… we are awaiting their visit!
  2. It was the week of Children’s Day and Marí Báez was feeling down that she had nothing special to give the children in the cancer wing. As she entered the ICU Wing to pray, she commented to Dolia, “I don’t want to do this anymore.” To top off her dark mood, there was a different doctor on duty and he seemed to watch her every move as she prayed for the children and handed out diapers. When Marí neared the doctor, he stopped what he was doing and began asking her questions… “What are you doing? What church and where is it located? Who is your pastor?” Mari thought “Oh no, he’s going to tell me to leave.” After answering each question, the doctor leaned forward and said: “Don’t you ever stop doing what you are doing. Children are being healed and we are being helped to do our job with your prayers!” Marí was in a bit of a shock, knowing that God had spoken directly to her through the doctor on duty… and we are very pleased!
  3. At the hospital, Bette met a young mother named Eudelia, who confessed that she had not been living the Christian life that she had once known. Together they prayed and Eudelia renewed her commitment to God. Fifteen days later Eudelia visited a church with her friend Nancy, and would you believe, there stood the lady from the hospital who had prayed for her…Bette! Since then Eudelia has been attending the church services. After a very short time, the Holy Spirit impressed Eudelia and her husband that they needed to be ‘legally married’ and they went right out and tied the knot!


The CEB Church: We are so pleased to share that we are seeing an increase spiritually and naturally in the local church. The weekly attendance has grown to just under 200 people. We are also seeing an increase in the tithes and offerings which is a sign that God is touching and changing hearts with his Word.


The ‘Forgiveness Campaign’ continues to change lives; here are some of the testimonies:


  1. dsc06631aAbel, 36 years old, shared of a past life of murdering for money, drug dealings, marital unfaithfulness, and 10 years in prison. He was unable to get a decent job, no one trusted him and he was slipping back into his old ways. To satisfy his wife, Abel agreed to join one of the small groups (fact is, it was being held in his home!) After 3 or 4 lessons, Abel reached a point where he couldn’t face the memories and shame any longer, one day he just disappeared. Three days later Abel called his wife to ask her to tell the kids goodbye, he couldn’t face life any longer, he was going to take is life. She told him no, he had to come home and tell them himself. When he arrived, she convinced Abel to talk to Pastor Victor, our associate pastor. After several hours of confessing his sins, repenting and praying, new hope and a desire to live entered into Abel’s heart. Abel took his stand for God and is determined that with God’s help, he shall go forward. The very next day, God provided a decent job for Abel and he is working fulltime. It has been several weeks since the complete turnabout in Abel’s life and he is growing stronger in God with each week!
  2. dsc06581aNancy, a young mother, shared that she had allowed a difference of opinion with her neighbor to cause resentment and dislike to rise up in her heart. God convicted her heart, she made the decision to forgive her neighbor and make peace, and now she is walking in joy.
  3. 2011 24 04 edgar rutEdgar Nuñez and his new bride Ruth made their first missions trip to Argentina to share the Forgiveness Campaign and spend time with a pastor friend. Their lives were forever changed as God used them to minister words of knowledge, the Word and special prayer with the Argentine people. One of the pastors daughters was at the point where she was going to take her own life, when her mother phoned and asked her to come immediately, Edgar wanted to talk to their family. The hearts of the family members were touched and healing and forgiveness flowed. Another lady entered the church by mistake, but decided to stay and listen to Edgar preach. At the end of the service she gave her heart to God and confessed that she had been on her way to kill her daughter-in-law for cheating on her son. Now she had no desire to kill her any longer.


Join us in PRAYING for:


The Nation of Paraguay


The national outreaches that are focusing on the youth during the month of September.


The economic situation for all the missionaries of Living Water Teaching.


The Health of our son Brent.


Thank you.