October 2011

Greetings from Loveland, Colorado!

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As most of you now know, we have made a ‘fast trip’ to the States to spend time with our older son, Brent. We have been able to spend almost every day sitting and talking with him. On the positive side, we feel that he is more alert and has a clearer mind than when we arrived. He still is suffering with much pain. Needless to say, we want to see an ‘instant healing’, but we know that God is present, He is working, and He has a good plan for Brent and the family. We are asking God to help us keep our eyes on His Word and not what we see, hear or feel. We thank you for your prayer support and ask that you keep lifting Brent up before the Throne of God.


Because some have asked to be informed, we were able to get airline tickets on AeroSur, flying from Paraguay to Bolivia, to Miami, to Chicago, then to Denver. Our trip was made in record time, 25 hours! The round trip tickets and luggage transfers came to a total of: $3,550. The offerings received, which were designated for emergency travel, so far have come to a total of: $2,800.


Our plan is to stay in the States until at least the end of the year and longer if necessary. We want to be present when Brent receives his complete healing!


News from Paraguay

While we are traveling, our Staff is busy taking care of business. We have daily contact with them as possible… that’s called ‘directing from long distance’!


Pastor Victor reports that all is well on the home front! The CEB Church services last Sunday were anointed with the teaching and ministry shared by our guest speakers: Edgar and Blanca Mareco. They were so kind to come at the last moment to cover for us.


Marta reported that there were 101 people that attended the 2011 - Youth Camp, held September 23-25. She was so excited to share that the youth are ‘all charged up and excited about the Word of God’!


Dolia has reported that the Children’s Hospital Ministry is going smoothly with many salvations.


We ask that you pray for the whole Paraguayan team: Pastor Victor, Edgar, Bette, Marta, Dolia, Rodrigo y Luis. Pray that they walk in wisdom and supernatural anointing to complete the daily work and challenges that they face.


Pray that the CEB Church family continues to grow strong in all areas. Join us in thanking God for His faithfulness and for all the blessings that He has blessed us with.


Thank you.