December 2011

Greetings from Loveland, Colorado!


Greetings from Kansas!


Yes, we are on an extended ‘Thanksgiving Holiday’, which started in Colorado…moved to Nebraska… and ended in Kansas.


We celebrated early in Colorado with Patrick, Sherry & family… an Italian meal! Mom White was a real trooper and joined in our fun. Next, with Brent in tow, we headed to Nebraska to be with the Dahl Family, (Connie’s sister Linda’s family), where Paula and the kids arrived a couple of days later. In the joy of being together, somehow we got caught up in the excitement of a ‘house makeover project’ planned at the home of our niece Kari in Kansas… thus, the reason we are greeting you from Kansas. We hope you had a very thankful and happy Thanksgiving!


There isn’t much different to update you on Brent’s condition… the pain continues. BUT, our hope and faith are still strong, knowing that our God is faithful to perform His Word. Keep praying the Word!


Since being in the States, Jeremy (Brent’s son) has had an appendectomy; Kaleb (Patrick’s son) broke his thumb and two weeks later fell playing and had a slight concussion; with the latest event being that Mom White fell and cracked a bone in her left leg. Yep, it’s been a busy couple of months! Join us in thanking God for their complete healing.


Our contact with the Paraguayan office has been overall very positive. Pastor Victor and Staff are doing a great job keeping things in order and flowing. Due to very heavy rains a couple of Sundays, the attendance at church has been down, but they were excited to share that there were 3 salvations two weeks in a row! Dolia’s hospital reports have included that there were 25+ salvations weekly, which cause us to rejoice! Marta reported that the youth went out into the neighborhood and 42 souls were saved! This was the first time that a number of the youth had ever stepped out to talk with and pray for someone. Once they got the first soul under their belt, they were excited to seek out others to share about God’s love. God is moving in Paraguay!


We ask that you remember the Staff in your prayers, for wisdom, strength, health and protection. (Pastor Victor & Marlene, Edgar, Pastor Bette, Dolia, Marta, Rodrigo and Luis.)


It is our custom to close the Paraguayan office, the Bible Institute Classes, the Prison Ministry and the Children’s Hospital Ministry for a three week vacation at the end of December and the beginning of January. Pray that the Staff and volunteers have a refreshing rest, enjoy their family time, and are ready for the New Year.


Soon we will be heading back to Colorado to be with Brent & Patrick and families, and to help care for Mom White. We are staying well (most of the time!) and working hard to help wherever we are staying at the moment. Thank you for your faithful prayers and support. We are asking God for wisdom in how to direct the ministry from such a long distance. We are sure that we are where God would have us at this time, but at times it is hard to not ‘stew’ over all of the situations.


Love to you all,


Jerry and Connie