September 2010

Greetings from Paraguay, the States, or somewhere in-between!

01bkgroundmapWith the arrival of September comes our USA Trip! We are so excited to be able to visit church families, friends and our own family. (Our last trip home was for the high school graduation of our granddaughter Casey in May of 2009. It is hard to believe that she has completed her first year of college and joyfully starting her second year.) Due to the fact that we will be traveling and sharing with our supporting churches, our trip will cover the months of September through November. It is our desire to spend time with you personally, but if this isn’t possible, remember that we do so appreciate your friendship and faithful support. For sure, it would be great to refresh our memory with a face to put with the names that come on our monthly reports!

Jerry & Connie

We praise God that:

The Acosta Ñú Children’s Hospital:

The 4-hospital visits in August gave us opportunity to pray with 270-children and parents. There were 119-parents and older children who prayed the prayer of salvation!

Hospital testimonies:

02For me, Connie, one of the greatest moments in sharing with the parents in the hospital is when the ‘guarded look’ in their eyes softens as they learn of God’s love for them personally, then they receive this love through Jesus Christ. It doesn’t get better than that!

On Thursday, August 12, there was a little 7-year old indigenes boy, Ronardo, lying on his bed crying when we entered the room. He his right leg was swollen and giving him much pain. The doctors were talking about an amputation. As we prayed and spoke healing, we rubbed his leg and comforted him. Soon the tears subsided and he listened as Dolia spoke in Guarani telling him about God’s love. Quietly he prayed and asked Jesus into his heart and thanked Him for his healing. The next week Ronardo wasn’t to be found, the mother at a neighboring bed said that after 3-days his leg had healed and he went home! Praise God!

The CEB Church:

God is touching lives at all ages!

The Sunday School Department shared this testimony from the mother of 4 year old Ronald:

03He had developed a fever which continued to soar dangerously high. After doing all that she could, she called her sister to come and pray for Ronald. The early morning hours found the young mother being shaken awake. It was Ronald saying: “Wake up mommy and let’s go to work.” There was no sign of the fever and Ronald was his active self! Later, Ronald told his mother: “Mommy, last night I went up there (pointing towards Heaven) and Jesus put his hands on my head and said Ronald you are healed. He told me that I am always to pray in ‘Jesus Name’ and say ‘Amen and Amen’.” With that bit of information delivered, Ronald ran off to play. Ronald’s parents were very shaken up with his comments. With tears they thanked God that He sent their son back to them whole and with a faith in God that will move mountains.


04Adult Services:

The presence of God has been so sweet and real that there are moments of joyful laughter as the people worship. When it is time to go home, some find it hard to rise up and walk normally. Checking on the people later, we have found that same sweet presence is still with them and there are praises still on their lips.


Ladies Weekly Prayer:

A group of our prayer warriors meet 3-times a week to pray for the church, neighborhood, nation and needs. On Friday, 08/20, there was a visitor named Carolina present, she had come to receive Jesus! Carolina had been attending the Mormon Church, but had made the decision to follow Christ. What a joy it was to share with her about God’s love and then to pray the prayer of salvation. Afterwards her smile and face were transformed with a new light that just glowed from within her.

Join us in PRAYING for:

CFC Prison Ministry:

05Pastor Victor will be giving most of the responsibilities of the prison ministry to Derlis Brizuela during our US trip. Derlis is a former inmate whom God saved and changed completely through the CFC Ministry in the prison. Pray for Derlis and his family as he steps into a new roll in his life during this time.


Capiatá Is For Christ:

This is a miracle in the happening! Several times throughout the years we have endeavored to bring the local pastors together, but it has never happened. In this last year, a group of pastors have united in the vision to reach our city, Capiatá for Christ. The goal is to have a 3-day campaign, October 9, 10 and 11, where 10,000 people come together in a soccer stadium to celebrate Christ. For the last year these pastors and their churches have been praying, fasting, driving around the different neighborhoods in ‘prayer caravans’, handing out tracts, and stirring up local churches to participate. Join us in praying that our city of Capiatá will be reached with the message of Christ. Pray that hearts and lives will be changed with the saving power of God. Pray that the future history of this city will be written around this event as a base where Capiatá was changed forever by the love and Word of God.

Our Staff:

God has blessed us with a faithful staff that will be in charge of all of the areas of ministry while we travel. Pray that they hear the voice of God, walk in wisdom, protection, health, provision and anointing. Pray that everyone will flow in the gifts that God has given to them, causing all of the needs of the body to be met.

Our USA trip:

We will be flying out of Paraguay on September 1, arriving in Denver on September 2. Pray that we are able to minister and be a blessing to the churches, and at the same time be re-charged ourselves. Pray for more open doors for support. God has answered our prayer for a car to use during our trip, pray for protection and supernatural gas mileage as we drive this car. Pray that our time with our family will ‘super-packed’ in the limited time that we will be together. Pray for health. Pray for supernatural provision so that we may travel as well as meet the responsibilities in Paraguay.

Thank you for your faithful prayers.