November 2010

Greetings from the USA!

travelingWe have had a great time traveling during the months of September and October… we’ve put behind us 8,000 miles, more or less. Now with November arriving, which is our last month in the States, we are in Colorado. Shortly, Connie will be making two trips to Nebraska and Jerry will be heading to Guatemala and California. (Would you believe, to this point in time, we have carried our suitcases into and camped out in 24 different bedrooms or motel rooms!)


autumn leavesWhat a lovely time of year to travel. We have witnessed the full-scale colors of the red, orange and yellow leaves in Wisconsin, the touch of fall through out mid-America, and Colorado’s mountains streaked with their awesome golden aspen. All we could say was: “God, you sure do good work!”

Good Reports… and do we ever have good reports to share with you!

communicationWeekly, if not daily, we are in contact with our Staff in Paraguay. Pastor Victor and the other staff members have sent reports of church visitors, many salvations, victories, and challenges. The challenges have included: dealing with behavior and/or relationship problems; storms that twisted and brought down the church building tarp; special church ministry events; and the handling of the purchase of church property... the Paraguayan Staff has been busy! We are proud to say that with a few phone counseling and advice giving calls from our end, they have met every challenge that has presented itself.

It is with great joy that we report that the latest two real estate properties that we are purchasing are now in the process of closing, paid for in full and waiting to be made into a parking area for the CEB Church. God is good and faithful!

Our personal ‘good report’ is about the protection of God during our many hours on the road. Here’s the story:

On October 15th, while passing through Wichita Falls, Texas, we watched as a semi-truck driver from California suddenly ‘yanked’ his steering wheel to the left, resulting in an over-correction and his trailer careening upon two axels. Right in front of us, the semi shot across the three lanes of I-44, the tractor contacted and shot through the cement guardrail, flying through the air, crashing onto the street below the viaduct. Separating from the tractor, the trailer continued to slide on its side down the road in front of us. Among the debris that exploded in all directions, a spare tire 2010 10 trailer scenefrom the trailer came rolling and bouncing directly at us. Making contact with our front bumper, the tire took out the headlight assembly and dented the hood. As Jerry applied the brakes, dodged what he could, we screeched to a halt within 50 feet from where the trailer had come to a stop. With a quick inspection, we found that our right tire had also been destroyed by a sharp chunk of metal debris from the trailer. All of this happened in a matter of seconds… there was only time to shout out the Name of Jesus and to pray (loudly) in the Spirit.

2010 10 car tire2010 car headlightIt took a moment for it all to sink in, but then we jumped out of the car and ran to look over the viaduct to see what the fate of the driver was. (The tractor had taken out the cement railing, a light post, two tree tops, scattering diesel fuel and debris over a 100 foot square area, as it had crashed directly below us.) Within a short time other drivers, state patrol, police and firemen surrounded the scene on both levels, shouting back and forth to see how many people were involved in the accident. They found that the driver of the semi was the only one injured, alive but 2010 10 tx tractorpinned in the cab. (Adding to the confusion was the fact that the driver only spoke Spanish. We wanted to help, but we couldn’t get down to the lower level to translate for the officers.) At last report we heard, the driver was in the hospital, undergoing extensive tests and was expected to live.

We feel that we were placed in the ‘right place’ at the ‘right time’. After seeing the damage from the accident, there is no reason why the driver should be alive. We know that it was the Name of Jesus and the prayers that we sent heavenward in those few seconds, that made the difference between life and death… his and ours!

Yes, our traveling schedule was interrupted, we had some extra expenses as a result, and even had to call ahead and cancel our Sunday share-time in Monte Vista, Colorado, BUT a life was spared! In return, God gave us life and joy, a new church contact (which is hard to find), and a great adventure! Once back on the road, we stopped to attend the Sunday morning service at New Life Fellowship in Dalhart, Texas, with Pastor Terry and Danielle Stegall. Even though we couldn’t make it in time for our service in Colorado, we were able to receive the Word and rest that we needed.

That’s it for now; please keep praying for everything that is going on in Paraguay and for our last month of traveling in the States. Join us in thanking God for his faithfulness and goodness too!

Love to all, Jerry & Connie

PS: Here are the Hola Club Children’s Hospital Ministry results for September and October – the ladies prayed with 544 children and adults and there were 227 salvations! Praise God!