January 2010

Greetings from Paraguay!

001Are you dreaming, planning and praying about this exciting New Year of 2010? There weren’t too many boring moments in the Year 2009, but we are expecting ‘new adventures’ as we set out to complete the vision that God has set in our hearts for Paraguay. We are pleased to share that we seen a positive growth in the CEB Church last year. It was a spiritual growth based on the Word, which in turn affected the physical growth of the church. This year we plan on continuing to build on the spiritual foundation that has been laid and expect increase in all areas! In the Year 2010 we plan on keeping our sword sharp (the Word), putting our hand to the plow (working hard), and keeping our eyes on the skies (watching for our Lord)!

Jerry & Connie



The Acosta Ñú Children’s Hospital: In the month of December 2009 we had the joy of visiting the hospital 3 times, praying for 173 - children and parents. There were 70 - parents and older children who prayed the prayer of salvation!

Just for fun we ran the yearly number totals for the hospital visits in 2009:
Persons prayed with: 2,174
Salvations: 837
Tracts/papers given: 3,791
Bibles: 32 Books: 10
Baby bottles: 93
Pacifiers: 86
Diapers: 1,580
Stuffed toys: 764

The CEB Church: We praise God that our joy is not based on the situations but in the fact that God is ‘in us’, ‘with us’ and ‘for us’! The last Sunday of the Old Year 2009 proved to be an interesting one. It started Saturday evening with a huge wind and rain storm that twisted the metal frame and ripped away the ‘big blue tarp’… leaving the church area muddy and unusable. The electricity went off and stayed off for 24 hours. Sunday morning we were up bright and early cleaning up tree limbs and trash. After a quick evaluation of the area, we decided to prepare the back patio for the church service… with electricity or no electricity!  What a joy, 80-faithful members arrived to have church! We crowded into the patio and lifted our voices in praise to God for His faithfulness. After just a half hour of praise and worship the police arrived! Yes, it was our neighbor lady again, bless her heart. Pastors Jerry & Victor explained to the police chief that we were only here because of the storm, next week we would be back on the other property. They smiled and asked that we please do something; they were tired of responding to ‘her’ calls.  We are not upset, we rest in the knowledge that we are operating legally, doing all we know to do to keep the peace.  And, by faith, through our prayers, God is working in the heart of our neighbor.  By the way, the people left the service with the joy that they arrived with and continued praising God!

003Robbery Update: We are so pleased to share with you that God has used some very loving and generous people in the States to replace the monies and the laptop computer that was stolen on the last Sunday in November! We have to admit, our hearts were so heavy when we thought about all of the work that the people had gone through to earn the construction money… and… in a matter of a few moments of time the thieves had taken it all. BUT, at that time the people cried, prayed and rolled up their sleeves to begin again!  God honored their forgiveness, love and faithfulness and now we once again have the monies to start the construction of the bathroom complex!  Oh yes, Yori the brave guard dog is doing well, his hair is growing back and he has his old sparkle in his eyes again! He seems to be even more alert and protective than before.

Hebrews 10:23 - Amplified

"So let us seize and hold fast and retain
without wavering the hope we cherish
and confess and our acknowledgement
of it, for He who promised is reliable (sure)
and faithful to His word."

CEB Church Construction: Our latest fund raising project for the building construction fund is selling raffle tickets for a beautiful handmade tablecloth with twelve napkins, which were donated by a church family. The estimated cost of the tablecloth is around $300. If all of the tickets sale, we will earn about $560 for the construction…. That will buy approximately 9,000 bricks!


Join us in PRAYING for:

The need of wisdom: Above all, it is our desire that the CEB Church body hunger and thirst for more of God. We are asking God for ways to present the Word so that more and more people fall in love with Him and serve Him with all of their being.  Please join us in praying for the direction of the Holy Spirit for the Year 2010.

2010-without Him, we can do nothing!

CEB Church Construction: We have the City Approval for the Restroom Complex and are purchasing the needed materials and are currently moving a fence to start the foundation. Please pray that this project can be completed rapidly and without complications.


CFC Prison Ministry: Plans are being made to start new CEB Bible Classes; the prison director has assured Pastors Jerry and Victor that we will be allowed to return to minister in the prison in February.


Pray for the country of Paraguay: We continue to confess that Paraguay will be and is a ‘light shining forth with the Word’ for all of South America.

Thank you for your faithful prayers.