March 2010

Greetings from Paraguay!


We have been receiving emails from concerned friends and family asking if we were affected by the destructive earthquake in Chile. We are glad to report that we did not feel any movement at all. We are safe. The distance between Paraguay and Chile could be compared to the distance between Denver and Houston, TX, so, if there were tremors, they were so faint that we did not note them. Thank you for your concern!

Jerry & Connie



The Acosta Ñú Children’s Hospital: The 4-hospital visits in February gave us opportunity to pray with 262-children and parents. There were 121-parents and older children who prayed the prayer of salvation!


The CEB Church: The Bathroom Complex construction continues!  The walls are up, Jerry has been putting in the pre-plumbing pipes, and the next step is the roof. To this point, all of the bathroom construction has been paid for through the offerings, donations and labors of our local church body. We are blessed!


We were pleasantly surprised by a request from one of Jerry’s distant cousins who lives in Illinois. In hearing that we were getting close to the time for the installation of the toilet fixtures, he asked for a breakdown of the cost of each toilet. He said that he wanted to donate towards the installation of one of the units if possible. What a blessing! We decided to list the breakdown costs in case you are also interested in helping in this area: -- The cost for a toilet – a good, better than average unit costs $48.00.

The kit to install the toilet - the base seal for the floor, the rubber adapter to connect to the water and the toilet seat - brings the cost up to about $65.00 per unit.

We will be installing a ‘hydra’ valve system to supply water to each toilet installation (there will be no tanks on the toilets – we will use a direct supply of water from the 1,000 liter main tank reservoir for the bathrooms) – these valves, piping to the main service line and down flow pipe to the toilet costs are $98.00 per toilet.

The total cost to purchase and install each toilet and connect it to the main water line is $163.00 per unit- six units are needed.

You may designate your offering for missionary #32308 - Paraguay Construction –making all checks payable to LWT – PARAGAY, sending it to:


We are so pleased to report that our last fund-raising project was a great success! After the morning service on Sunday, 02/21, we sold 500-chicken dinners, which adds up to lots of work and lots of workers. We have the best church family… after donating the products; they sold the tickets; worked preparing and serving the food, and on top of that, they turned around and bought tickets to eat the dinners! We earned around 3 million Guaraní which is roughly $700, which will keep the construction crew on the job for a while longer.


Join us in PRAYING for:

Prayer Seminar: March 16-18, we are joining forces with the Tapé Missions, represented by Ken and Crystal Hagerman, in presenting a 3-night Prayer Seminar featuring Dr. J. Gordon Henry, from Virginia, USA. Pray that the local churches will respond to their invitation to attend. Pray that this be a time of learning and renewing as we are instructed in how to lift our voices up to God in prayer.

CFC Prison Ministry: WE HAVE VICTORY! We have received the ‘official nod’ giving us permission to once again enter the prison with weekly church services and the CEB Bible Institute classes. The men are excited and anxious to once again study the Word of God. New inmates have approached Pastor Victor showing interest in participating in the classes and the church services. We thank God for his faithfulness, giving us favor and preparing the way so that this ministry can continue after being shut-out for one year.


Pray for an explosion of God’s power in this place, changing the hearts and lives of the inmates, guards and officials with his love and Word!  Pray for continued favor with the authorities. (It is our desire to minister to the government of Paraguay, even if it means passing through the ‘backdoor’… starting with the prison!)

Pray for those that support missions: Join us in lifting up the faithful men, women and churches that support missions. Many businesses and lives have been under attack, but we declare stability and abundance to them. We pray that everything that their hands touch will prosper because of their generosity and desire that the Word reach all nations.

Thank you for your faithful prayers.