May 2010

Greetings from Paraguay!

Happy day, its spring and you have made it through another winter! We are sighing also, but because we have made it through another hot summer and are enjoying a cooler autumn. 01(You would think it was spring here with all of the flowering trees and plants. With the fall rains and the cooler temperatures, the plants are green and the flowers’ blooming… everything is lovely!) Hey, it doesn’t matter if it is spring or autumn, we all are sensing the new beginnings and renewed desire to surge ahead and accomplish what God has planned… and the best part is that we are doing it together, hand in hand!

Jerry & Connie


The Acosta Ñú Children’s Hospital:

The 4-hospital visits in April gave us opportunity to pray with 265-children and parents. There were 132-parents and older children who prayed the prayer of salvation! Hospital testimony: On Thursday, April 29, Bette encountered a mother doing all she could to control her screaming child. They were waiting their turn to see the emergency doctor and the line was long. With the child sobbing, the mother explained that the toddler was suffering from a sever earache. Quickly Bette reached into her basket and offered the mother a bag that held one of the little stuffed hearts. She explained that the hearts were anointed with prayer to heal the sick. Without one hesitation, the mother ripped the bag open and laid the heart on her child’s ear. Immediately the little one stopped crying… and moments later, the mama received Jesus as her Lord and Savior! (I, Connie, did a dance of joy after hearing this report!)

Our Special Visitors: 03April 16-19, we hosted our 2nd Annual Missions Conference with guest speakers: Pastor Clarence Wright (LWT Guatemala Director) and Pastor Marion Zirkle Wright (LWT Ministries Co-Founder and President) from Guatemala; Gustavo & Cristina Chimeles, Jewish mi ssionaries from Argentina; and the Israeli dance team AMIsrael from Paraguay. During the events, the children of CEB Church presented the flags of the countries involved in the Conference this year: Paraguay, Guatemala, Israel and also the Christian Flag and the youth prepared a special drama (which was totally radical). We were so pleased with how everything flowed together, creating a time of celebration and fellowship. For sure, there was a special anointing felt as all the groups participated, and many responded to the call of missions.

Answered prayer:

Last weekend we walked over to the little neighborhood store that is located next to our church property. (In fact, their walled fence is the back drop for our platform!) As we bought a few things, the lady began to tell us about how much she enjoyed the music and the teachings on the Sundays. She said, ‘You know, you sing the same songs we sing in our Mass. I was talking about you with my mother, but she doesn’t want to change religions. I told her that it wouldn’t be changing religions because we are worshiping the same God!

Praise God, more and more of our neighbors are extending a friendly hand … not all, the ‘rock throwers’ still don’t like us, but in time, we are sure that they will come around too!

The CEB Church Construction: Hallelujah, MISSION COMPLETED, WE HAVE BATHROOMS!!!! Pastor Jerry promised to shave his beard when our ‘first building’ was completed …. Sunday, April 18, with the help of Pastors Clarence and Marion, we dedicated the building to God and helped Pastor Jerry complete his promise!



The Next Phase of the Construction: Our next plan of attack is to tackle the repairs on the church office building. The building is in need of a roof repair, tile flooring, painting, and minor repairs. The following project will be the storage shed to be constructed around the container. With this step completed, we will be able to bring all of the church items and Bible Institute books to be stored at our location. (What a blessing that will be! Now, it seems that every time certain items are needed, they are being stored at the warehouse about a mile away.)

Join us in PRAYING for:

CFC Prison Ministry: Pastor Victor would like to share with you about one of his ‘new disciples’, Abel R., who has been in the prison for 8-months. Shortly after being arrested and imprisoned, Abel heard and responded to the ‘Good News’ being preached. Abel testifies of his deliverance from the spirit of fear that plagued him day and night, overcoming of his eating disorder, and the healing of pain. Abel says that when he begins to suffer different aches and pains, he just raises his hands in prayer and praise and he is healed… faith like a child!

Please continue to lift up this ministry; the men are praying that they will be able to have a special place or room so that they may hold their services without suffering with the heat, rain or cold. (Right now they meet in the middle of the prison block patio, under the open sky. One good result, all of the other prisoners sit around the edge of the patio watching and listening to all that goes on!)

July Project: In July we will have our very first ‘missions group’ in the 18-years that we have been in Paraguay! Janet Rosenbaum, (Jerry’s sister) will be bringing a 23-person team from their church in Nebraska. She needs prayer… they need prayer… and we need prayer! We will be giving you more information later, but in the meantime….PRAY!

Our USA Trip: This is the year that we are scheduled to visit our supporting churches. We ask for prayer that God will provide the way, handling every detail as we share what has been happening in the last two years in our ministry in Paraguay. We will be leaving Paraguay on September 1st and returning on the 1st of December. We will have more details at a later date.

Thank you for your faithful prayers.