June/July 2010

Greetings from Paraguay!01

Whoa… where did the time go? June ended and July just rushed in, took over and didn’t leave a moment to regroup or send out reports! We have called a halt to all the activities and determined to catch you up on what’s happening.
Jerry & Connie

The Acosta Ñú Children’s Hospital:


In the months of June & July we had the joy of visiting the hospital 8 times, praying for 602-children and parents. There were 291-parents and older children who prayed the prayer of salvation!

*One Thursday, when I (Connie) returned from the hospital visit, Jerry asked what we had done that day. Without a thought I responded, “We laid hands on the sick, cast out demons and proclaimed the Word of God… we did the work of the Lord!” (It had been an exciting day, only 3 of us could go, but we went in power and authority in the Name of Jesus. Marí took authority over the demons that were manifesting in a 13-year old girl, while Dolia and I were in another area praying for the sick and lead others to Jesus.)

*We had a great time spending the morning and afternoon at the hospital when the Nebraska Group was with us. We did face-painting and balloon sculpture for the children in the waiting areas and presented Bible videos. During the afternoon a few members of the group accompanied our ladies on their regular prayer rounds. There was a sign of tears as the visitors prayed for the different children. (One little 3-month old girl, that had lost her little fingers on one hand due to a medical error, caused many tears as our guests held and prayed for her-see picture on next page.)



Some weeks our paths cross with those of some Catholic ladies who come to pray with the parents. Usually we try to not interrupt one another and continue on our rounds. One Thursday one of the little Catholic ladies began talking to me (Connie), saying that since we served the same God we should pray together! But they had just finished their prayer and moved on, so I stayed to share Jesus with the mother. Next, the ladies went into a room where Dolia was praying with the children and parents, and the talkative lady stood and listened as Dolia shared and prayed. By the time Dolia reached the second bed to pray, the little Catholic lady asked if she could repeat the prayer of salvation too!

The CEB Church:


This year has been the coldest yet! Or at least it seems like it to us and our Paraguayan family. Sitting out under a tarp can get a bit breezy during the winter months. To help make our Sunday service more comfortable, the church body purchased some clear plastic wall panels that roll up and are tied in place when not in use. What a blessing to have the chilly winds and rains blocked from blowing through our ‘sanctuary’. We still have our faith set on our church building, but until then, God has blessed us with temporary walls!


Our First Visiting Group:


After 18-years, we have had our first visiting missions group! For over 2-years the youth of the First United Methodist Church in Sidney, Nebraska prepared for this trip. There were 15-members from their church and 6-members from the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Sidney. The group was headed by the Youth Director, Janet Rosenbaum, Jerry’s sister, and accompanied by their pastor, Pastor Thomas Hyde (his first missions trip). What a great group they were… not even one complaint about the ‘Paraguayan food’ or the ‘nasty weather’ that came and went during their stay. Their main mission’s thrust was to bring clothing for the poor in Sapucai, a city in the interior, and distribute approx 5,000 pounds of basic food staples (flour, rice, sugar salt, pasta, cooking oil, and yerba)! They also provided funds to help provide these food items for 200 families. This group of 23-short term missionaries worked hard alongside our youth group and the outreach was a great success!

CFC Prison Ministry: 09Pastor Victor Cardozo is so pleased to share that God has given us much favor with the current prison director. The director allowed 4-of the visiting Nebraska Group to spend the day in the prison with Pastors Jerry and Victor, to minister to the inmates. Together they took T-shirts, ball hats, light fixture items and other electrical supplies to bless the men in this section and to make improvements in their living conditions. This was an experience that our guests will never forget.


Join us in PRAYING for:



The Nation of Paraguay: 10As throughout all of South America, this winter has been an unusually cold one and the people are suffering. Due to the cold, every hospital is filled to overflowing with respiratory problems, and at last notice, 8-people had died, (more than 200 in Bolivia!) On top of the deaths of the people, it was reported that more than 3,000 head of cattle has died of the cold in just one of the ranching areas of Paraguay, plus sheep and other animals. For sure, the farming areas will be affected also. Pray that more and more people are reached with the Word of Hope during this trying time.


Our USA Trip: 08On September 1 we fly to the States for 3-months. During this time we will be visiting our supporting churches to share of the work of God in Paraguay. For most of the churches it has been more than 2-years since we have had the opportunity to visit. Pray for open doors, favor with the pastors and a joyful time in sharing in each place.

Pray for the provision 11of a reliable vehicle for traveling in the US from September 20 thru December 1 and more than enough finances for our needs and that of the ministry in Paraguay also.



Pray for our Staff and Church as we are traveling. Pastor Victor will be the head pastor and in charge of the ministry while we are absent.

Thank you for your faithful prayers.