March 2013

If your year has taken off on a dead run, don’t feel alone! Our ‘February schedule’ left us spinning… the next few months look to be as busy!

February was filled with Church Board meetings, organization meetings, water baptism, baby dedications, baby shower and a BIG church party. All this happened on only the weekends, the rest of the days of the month were filled with our regular office schedules, the prison ministry and the children’s hospital ministry. Yep, it was a busy one!

Since I, Connie, get to keep you updated, I will share about my favorite events! Here are two:

Now, the baby shower was something to write home about! To be sure that we don’t miss ‘celebrating the birth’ of one of the little ones, we have begun to have a baby shower every six months. Would you believe, in the last six months of Year 2012 we had ‘eight’ babies born… seven girls and one boy! What a celebration we had with ‘7’ babies and about 50 in attendance. Jerry helped to pick out a little outfit for each one, we bought cake and we all had a great time!

The second fun event was the all church party, about 140 people showed up for this! The men spent the afternoon on the soccer field, the ladies played volleyball when they ran out of topics to discuss and the kids jumped and splashed in the four swimming pools that were set up for them. To top off the day, the church provided ice cream cones (200) for all… that’s when the neighborhood kids started showing up! What a fun time. Something that blessed our heart was a ‘face book note’ posted the next day from one of our teen girls. Giselle wrote: “What a great day we had at church yesterday!” Yes, it was good… in the morning worshiping God and in the afternoon playing together as a family.

**The Hola Club Children’s Hospital: During the three visits in February, we prayed for 325 children & parents and had 140 salvations.

We ask for your prayers, the children’s hospital, as well as all of the hospitals, are running over with patients suffering from dengue (a sickness transmitted by mosquitoes). The patients suffer with high fevers; severe body aches; vomiting and a lack of strength. Since there is no known cure, the hospital halls are filled with people receiving intravenous transfusions to keep them from becoming dehydrated. The number of deaths escalates weekly as people with other medical problems contact dengue.

**Prison Ministry: February 2013 marked the tenth year that we have been able to minister in the main prison in Asunción. Certainly many lives have been changed by the Word of God preached and taught. Thank you Pastor Victor!

Just when Pastor Victor had finally worked his way through the ‘red tape’ and had received permission to begin the ‘Forgiveness Campaign’ within the prison, they have once again changed prison directors! Now he must start the process over in presenting this program to the new director to receive his permission to continue as planned. Please pray for the same favor we experienced with the last director and an open door to minister to the inmates with this program. The church and Bible School continue to meet and are growing in strength.

**CEB Bible Institute: During the month of February weekly classes were presented to enable students to complete classes that they had missed during the past year. In April the different regular levels of study will begin for the year. Please pray for the students and teachers as they ‘dig into the Word’; that God opens their understanding; and that they become ‘doers of the Word’.

**CEB Church: Growth… spiritually and naturally! Sunday, 02/24/13, we had 188 people in attendance at a regular service, no special event. We thank God for his faithfulness!

If you remember, in the Year 2010 we shared a lot about an outreach that we had within our church called ‘Campaña Perdona’ or ‘Forgiveness Campaign’. During this time the church body received inter-healing and freedom as they learned to forgive those that had wronged them. That time was a preparation for what God will be doing in our midst this year! We started in February with the preparations of prayer and fasting; in March we will move into a GREAT campaign called ‘Invasion of God’s Love’. With this outreach, the love and forgiveness that the church body has experienced will be carried out into the neighborhoods. We have joined forces with ten other churches in Paraguay, but the work will be done individually in the local churches and our ‘barrios’ (neighborhoods) all at the same time. This outreach is not only being presented in Paraguay, but in other nations around the world, including Israel! We will keep you informed as we see and experience the moving of God within our church body and the neighborhood of Santa Rita. Please pray for wisdom, direction and provision as we continue to step out to take this Nation of Paraguay for God!

Blessings – Jerry and Connie.