May 2013

Greetings from Paraguay!

As we promised in the April Up-date, this month we will be sharing with you some of the miracles reported to us during the ‘Invasion of God’s Love’ outreach. The goal of this outreach is to show the people of Paraguay that God loves them, that He wants to reach out to them and bless them!

During the evenings of April 13 and 14th, special miracle services were held to give our neighbors and friends an opportunity to share the miracles that they had received from God as a result of their personal prayer requests. As you recall, their requests had been lifted before the throne of God by our congregation during a ‘24hour prayer time’ on March 30 and 31st.

Unsure of what to expect on our special evening services, almost the entire church body divided into different ministering groups to work and make our guests comfortable. There were the intercessors, ushers, counselors, welcoming groups, music team, and prayer teams… we had our bases covered! The first evening there were just over 180 that attended and the second evening there were just over 300 in attendance. What a celebration! Our evenings were filled with lots of music, miracle testimonies given in person or by recording or shared by Pastor Edgar Nuñez. Pastor Jerry gave a short message, being sure that everyone had the opportunity to hear the Good News. At the end of the teaching, the people came forward for special prayer… and then, the music burst forth once again with joy and dancing!

Now for some of the reports, we can’t share them all, only give you a sampling:

Victoria (photo left) came forward to share about the blessing her family receive as they took the flyers out to their neighbors and the results. (Victoria’s husband, Pablo, is a prisoner in the prison where Pastor Victor ministers weekly. She asked and received the flyers to distribute in a neighboring city where she lives.) As Pastor Jerry laid his hand on her shoulder while she was sharing, he began to feel and hear her shoulder bones begin to pop and move... she hadn’t even asked for prayer! The next evening she sent word that during the service all of the pain she had been experiencing in her womb and left side of her body had stopped and also she could now freely move her arm without pain! She also reported financial victory as debtors began to pay her money owed!

A family of five from Luque filled out a flyer requesting prayer for jobs. All five members had been without work for months. They called to share that the Monday following the ‘24 hours of prayer’, everyone in their family was working! One young son thanked God, he was working two days a week and receiving more pay than many receive for a week!

Celeste, due to some legal problems, has been waiting for years for the death certificate of her late husband to be signed by a judge. Just this week she received a call from her lawyer, the certificate has been signed and now she can go ahead with life and remarry!

Miguel’s (photo left) heart’s desire was to provide a home for his family. To get the loan, he needed to have at least $2,500 in his account …and he didn’t! After presenting his request before God, the Credit Union called… his loan had been approved!

Abel, released from prison just over two years ago, wanted to work in his neighborhood with the Invasion of God’s Love campaign, so he asked for a week off from his work. The request was granted and when he returned to work, he found that he had received a pay increase. That’s God’s favor!

Doctor Guillermina, from the Children’s Hospital Acosta Nú, sent a prayer request for food and other needs in the family support center where the cancer patients and parents live. After the 24 hr. prayer, the First Lady of Paraguay showed up with all the food and supplies that were needed!

Josías (photo left) is 1year and 6 months old and was in need of a heart transplant. Due to the lack of available donors, the doctors did not give much hope for the little man. His mother IMG_0538 josíascame to the miracle services, prayed and declared her faith in God’s provision… healing or a new heart. About a week later, Josías received his new heart… the surgery went well; he has passed all of the crucial hours and is getting stronger each day! Recent report: it was reported that just as the donor heart arrived at the hospital, Josías’ heart had all but stopped. God’s timing is incredible!

Analia, had passed through four surgeries and had just started eating after two months. After sending in her prayer request, God has completely healed her intestines and she is eating normally.

Nestor, needed a bone marrow transplant but there were no donors. His mother, Antonia, sent in their prayer request and miraculously a donor was found. Only God!

Both Sergio Enrique and Abel presented their heart’s desires before God… soccer! Sergio desired to play in the first division of his team, Club Sol America. On April 8th, he began to play in the first division! As Abel listened to Pastor Jerry share that God wants to give us our heart’s desires as well as provide for our needs, he believed and lifted his desire before God. He asked that his coach would reconsider putting him on the soccer team Club 12th of October. The next day he received a call saying come now, you’re in the line up!

Here is a list of people that asked God for jobs and received: Teresa; Yeannette; Fidelina; Arnaldo; Fidencia… and more!

Here’s a list of other healings: Nilda’s son; Herminio- his family; Nilda- her heart; Nancy- her ankle; Deisy Susana has now conceived her first child.

Last of all, Petrona came seeking God and found Jesus Christ as the Savior of her soul! Petrona said she had had an empty feeling in her heart. She had bowed and prayed before many different saints but nothing changed…that is until she met Jesus Christ and she is no longer hopeless, He has changed her life!

The testimonies keep rolling in – we will share more at a later date!

**The Hola Club Children’s Hospital: We are in the States and have not received the final information and totals for the month, but we know there was a bunch of salvations in April, because one week alone there were 63!

**Once again we ask for your prayers, the dengue problem is epidemic and many church members have been affected. One of Pastor Bette’s daughters, Vivian, had the symptoms of the most sever of the two kinds of dengue. (The most common dengue provides high fevers, body aches and weakness, sometimes death; the sever dengue has the same symptoms but the patient begins to bleed from their mouths, eyes, etc.; with a greater death toll.) We are pleased to share that God was with Vivian and she is recovering and out of danger.

**Prison Ministry: Pastor Victor reported that the prisoners are very excited about the Invasion of God’s Love outreach, and they are experiencing many answers to their prayer requests. Join us in thanking God for changed lives. (At this time we have 3 released prisoners that are faithfully attending our church!)

**CEB Bible Institute: Pastor Jerry had the opportunity to teach one of the opening Bible classes for the Year -2013. What a blessing to teach young and older students who have a desire to learn about the Word of God. Please lift up the students in prayer.

**CEB Church: We feel as if one of our ‘ministry goals’ has been completed as we have seen almost the entire church congregation rise up and put their hands to work. With the new growth that we are expecting in the church, this new army of trained workers will be priceless. Join us in praying that this ‘fever for God’ will continue and grow.

**Additional prayer needs for provision:

-- The motor went out in our vehicle; we are now without transportation in Paraguay. There are no original repair parts available for this particular motor in Paraguay but we can buy a used motor with guarantee imported from Japan – cost $6,000.

-- We have been blessed with a trip later on this year in October to visit Israel with Pastor John and Linda Stocker and a tour group from Resurrection Fellowship. Since we will already be going to Israel, it is our desire to also participate in an Intercessory Prayer Conference with Tents of Mercy – additional cost $3,500.

-- We are one week into our trip to the US from April 22 thru July 9, 2013. Please pray for our travels, the favor of God with our ministry contacts, a blest time with our family and financial provision for trip costs.

Blessings – Jerry and Connie.