June 2013

Greetings from the USA!

Yes, we are once again in the States! Our reason for being present is to complete a very important promise made many years ago. Because we have not been able to attend all of the important activities in the lives of our grandchildren, we have promised to be present for their high school and college graduations… so here we are!
This year, on May 4th, our oldest grandchild, Casey Renee White, graduated from the John Brown University in Arkansas… graduating with honors… receiving a medal for being Summa Cum Laude (3.9 or higher grade average)! She also was the “Candidate for Highest Ranking Graduate in Division – Education” and was one of 47 listed in “Who’s Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges”. Needless to say for those attending the ceremonies, her parents Brent and Paula, siblings Jeremy and Jamie, Grandma Phyllis Podhajsky and cousin Brooke Podhajsky, and yours truly Jerry and Connie, we were very proud spectators. WAY TO GO CASEY!  Next year will find us back in the States about this time once again… Jamie will be graduating from Thompson Valley High School!
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Blessings as you read this update report – Jerry and Connie.


The Hola Club Children’s Hospital:
During the month of May, the ladies visited the hospital weekly praying for 403 parents and children, with 252 praying the prayer of salvation.

Testimonies that Dolia shared:
Another one of the hospital guards listened to the Word and received Jesus as Lord and Savior!
A mother of a young girl was very distraught - the doctors had done the studies and it was determined that her daughter had cancer. Dolia and the ladies spent time encouraging and praying with the mother, also proclaiming healing to the girl. When the ladies returned the following week, the mother was there to meet them. She shared that after the prayer she was convinced that her daughter was healed, so she had gone to the doctors to tell them so. The doctor’s response was to say: “we are sorry, but your daughter has cancer”. At the insistence of the mother, the doctors repeated the medical studies… this time the results returned negative, not a cancer cell could be found! The mother’s comment was that ‘only God’ could do such a miracle. (Amen!)

Nestor, 16 years old, entered into surgery for a brain tumor. As soon as he could speak afterwards, he told this story: ‘During the surgery, I got to go to heaven to see just how wonderful it is. After a time God told me I had to return because he had a mission for me to tell everyone that He had healed me completely. I asked Him how I was going to go back, because I am so tall, God said not to worry about it He would handle it. He wrapped me in a white sheet and then I was back in the hospital’. (Isn’t God good?)
Prison Ministry:
Pastor Victor reported that two of our main ministry leaders, Pablo and Alfredo, are soon to be released from prison after many years. We are excited for them and ask that you lift them up in prayer during the transition time back into public life. Also, pray that other strong Christian inmates will rise up to fill these areas of leadership and responsibilities.

Knowledge yellow**CEB Bible Institute:
Director Marta Segovia reports that we are receiving applications for the new series of Introductory Level Bible School Classes. Please pray for the new students as well as additional teachers.

CEB Church:
One of the CEB Church departments is the Ladies Group. This year we decided to do something different to celebrate Mother’s Day, and planned a Mother/Daughter Banquet. Because we would be absent when the date arrived, we sketched out a skeleton plan and give it to the ladies to handle. Handle it they did! Our guest speaker was Gloria de Duarte, one of the Ex-First Ladies of Paraguay, sharing on ‘Forming a Mother and Daughter Relationship’. The ladies were very excited… 95-people attended our little banquet, including a former City Council Member of Capiatá (our city) and his family!

n Pastor Edgar from the Youth Department was so excited. He shared that on their Youth Talent Night, 157 people attended. Included in that number were 10-youth from the local Catholic Chapel! They had a great time performing and hearts were touched when the Word of God was shared.

Testimonies from the ‘Love Campaign’ continue to roll in: 
Marian, a young lady that had received Jesus during the campaign, filled out a prayer request slip for her cousin, whom the doctors said had just hours to live. The church prayed, God responded, and now the lady is at home rejoicing and well!
Rodrigo, our soundman, shared that he had attended school with a young man named Williams, (20 years old). Williams had begun to live a homosexual lifestyle and had developed AIDS. Rodrigo and his mother Pastor Bette went to pray for Williams, he received Jesus and instantly his life was transformed, to the point that his ‘womanly voice’ changed to a manly voice. Both Rodrigo and his mother went with Williams to explain to his parents what had happened in his life, and three more people were born again! Rodrigo shared that Williams has reformatted his radio program that he hosts and has added time to share the Word of God on the air.

n Pastor Bette reports that many of the people contacted during the ‘Love Campaign’ are visiting and bringing their family and friends with them to church!

We are so thankful for a great Staff that continues to do the work of the ministry while we are away!
**Additional prayer needs for provision:
We are five weeks into our trip to the US from April 22 thru July 9, 2013. Please pray for our travels, the favor of God with our ministry contacts, a blest time with our family and financial provision for trip costs.
-- The motor went out in our vehicle in March; we are now without transportation in Paraguay. There are no original repair parts available for this particular motor in Paraguay but we can buy a used, imported from Japan motor that comes with a guarantee– cost $6,000.
-- We have been blessed with a trip later on this year in October to visit Israel with Pastor John and Linda Stocker and a tour group from Resurrection Fellowship. Since we will already be heading to Israel, it is our desire to also participate in an Intercessory Prayer Conference with Tents of Mercy from October 14 – 25; costs for this addition to the trip, $3,500.

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