August 2013

Greetings from Paraguay… the adventure continues!
Our 12-hour layover at the Miami airport passed more quickly than we thought it would and the flight to Paraguay was without incident. For this we are very thankful!

On the positive side… the weather warmed up to greet us when we arrived! But, since then it has rained and the temperatures have dropped back down.
Would you like to hear of some of our ongoing adventures since returning? We have been home for approximately a month. The night we got home, there was no water service, so we had to bathe out of a bucket before retiring. We were so tired, we didn't care at all. To restock the cupboards we walked a few blocks to a supermarket. The challenge was to buy enough things to get us by, but to
keep the weight down so that we could carry the bags home. (Crossing the busy highway, walking in sand then over rocky streets with our bags was interesting!) The second week the water service shut off again for 6 days… no water in the kitchen or the bathroom! Thankfully, some kind neighbors let us fill our buckets at their house. We were a bit concerned about the Sunday service and no water for the bathrooms, but our men carried water to use and all worked out fine. On Tuesday, 07/23, the alarm went off at 5:30 am; we poked our heads out from under the covers to read the thermometer… it said 59 degrees inside the house and frost on the grass! Since the water had returned the night before, we figured that a nice warm shower would help warm us up! Right? Wrong, there was an air-lock in the water heater pipes…NO HOT WATER! We heated water on the stove and dipped water out of a bucket for our bath… again! After a month we are still struggling with the water issue and are keeping buckets filled and ready just in case. But hey, the sun is shining today, the frost on the grass has melted, there was water for a shower this morning and God is in control… what more could we want!
**The Hola Club Children's Hospital:  During the four visits in July, we prayed for 403 children & parents and had 162 salvations.
Please pray, the hospital is full of children suffering from pneumonia and related problems due to
the greatly changing temperatures.
**Prison Ministry:  We have been celebrating! Pablo was finally released after serving 14-years. Pray for the family as they make the adjustments to having their papa home; work for Pablo; and a home in the church area so that they can stay plugged in to the things of God. It was reported that one of our neighbors is unhappy that we have five former prisoners attending our church and he is quietly trying to take legal action against the church.
Pray for confusion to the enemy's camp and favor for the work of God!

**CEB Bible Institute:  We are pleased that other church pastors are bringing their people to attend the Bible Institute classes. We have received many testimonies in how God has opened the peoples understanding and given the church a firm foundation as they have studied and received the Word with us.
Please pray that the cold temperatures will not hinder the attendance, since two of the three classes have to be held outside. (Thank God that someday we will have classrooms!)
**CEB Church:  It was with hugs, kisses and tears that we were received back into the Paraguayan church body… what can we say, we are loved! We found the church body VERY strong spiritually and excited at what God is doing in their personal lives. The weekend that we returned there was a 2-night campaign, resulting with 43-first time salvations and 44 - renewed lives. The testimonies of answered prayers and changed lives shared could not help but melt the hardest of hearts. Our God so loves us, He will and has moved mountains for those who seek Him!

Please pray for the new believers and their spiritual growth. Pray for the church and members as we stand firmly against the attacks of the enemy that comes because of our putting God's word into action..We win!

Blessings Jerry and Connie.
**URGENT FINANCIAL NEED: -- THE MOTOR WENT OUT IN OUR VEHICLE IN MARCH. We have been, for over five months, without transportation. There are very few original repair parts available for this particular motor in Paraguay but we can buy a used, imported motor from Japan that comes with a guarantee cost approx. $6,000 including installation.