October 2013

Greetings from Paraguay!

September was ‘Birthday Month’ for us both… thanks for all of the birthday wishes! One thing we can say about ‘growing older’, people are quicker to give us a seat on the city busses now... and we are quicker to thank them and sit down! God is good!

-- (Keep the need for the car repairs in your prayers!)

**The Hola Club Children’s Hospital:  During the four visits in September, we prayed for 447 children & parents and had 164 salvations.  Hey, I hugged a witch… well, now a former witch that is! Just over two months ago 12 year old Angela was admmited into the hospital with a badly deformed head and neck due to huge tumors. Not to gross you out, but diapers were used to wrap the tumors to contain the bleeding and the worms. For the first month the mother, a self proclaimed witch, was less than friendly and kind to Marí and the other mothers in the cancer wing. Week after week Mari stood her ground and proclamined the Word of God over Angela and to her mother. Finally the time came for the surgery, they were to remove a portion of the skull and the tumors, the doctors gave next to no hope for Angela. In desperation the mother called out to God and He answered! With each negitive diagnosas given by the doctors, God changed the situation. The medical costs were reported to be in the millions of guaranies, but each time the bill was cut in half… to date they have not spent one guarani. As the second month began, Angela’s mother turned her back upon her witchcraft, she received Jesus as her Lord and Savior… the transformation had begun! Now she is a little lady that just glows with happiness, she says that she just wants to run thru the streets shouting what God has done in their lives. Thus, on our last visit to the hospital of the month (Sept. 26 my birthday!), before I could even get inside, I was greeted, grabbed and hugged by a little lady that kept saying “Thank you, thank you, I’m so content, I’m so happy!” No, the mama of Angela is not a witch any longer… she is a daughter of God! (And Angela is improving with each week.)

-- Please pray for the ladies that makeup our ministry group to the hospital. From week to week we never know what we will encounter. Pray for wisdom, protection, compassion and love.

Catholic Bible**Prison Ministry:  Catholic Bible Pastor Victor shared that Valentín, a new student, arrived in the newly begun Bible Institute classes with a HUGE Catholic Bible under his arm. (Victor wasn’t sure where an inmate could get such a BIG Bible!) The man stated that he was going to follow along in ‘his Catholic Bible’ to see how the things that were being taught were different from what was written in ‘his Catholic Bible’. By the end of the first lesson series, Valentín was wide-eyed and proclaiming that God’s Word was the same in his Catholic Bible… and we were not teaching false doctrine!

-- Please pray that more religious spirits are broken and the men set free with the Word of God.

hail piled like snowgolf ball size hail that damaged the roof**CEB Church:  September was a month of spiritual blessings and natural challenges! Last month we asked that you would pray … ‘that as we complete the small projects, we then can concentrate on the next phase of our ministry goals: a permanent metal roof where the large tarp now is hanging’. Well, this has become more than just a future prayer request; it is now a great need! Saturday night, (09/21), a big storm blew through our area, peppering us with hailstones from marble to tennis ball size. The storm grew in velocity, with the hailstones becoming softball size, as it whipped through other neighborhoods and cities. Many tile roofs were complete destroyed and three people died as a result of the storm. Thankfully our tile roofs did not suffer damage, but the church tarp wasn’t so blessed. Now we are covered by a sieve-like covering while attending the services. (Jerry just smiled and told the people to bring their umbrellas to service with them… we were going to have service rain or shine!) But, now we are facing the need to do something for our covering. Instead of wasting the money on another tarp, the plan is to purchase some of the tin roofing that can be used now and in the future with the major expansion of the roof area.

-- Please pray that we are able to complete this ‘next phase’ quickly and put up the permanent roof for our weekly services. We just received the preliminary blueprints from the architect for the new open tin roof structure. Pray that the City of Capiatá will approve the plans once finished.

NOTE: We have determined that the cost to replace the temporary roof and re-do the electrical installation will be $2,700.00 – that is $30.00 per square meter. Eighteen (18) donors each purchasing five (5) square meters of roofing ($150.00) will complete the project. If you would like to help with one (1) square meter or five (5) or whatever number of square meters, let us know and send your donation to our US Office mailing address listed in the header of this report – making your check payable to LWT – PARAGUAY, noting ‘ROOF’ in the memo area.

If you are wondering if we ever plan to build a permanent church building, the answer is: YES, that’s just another of the ‘future phases’!

Blessings – Jerry and Connie.