November 2013

Greetings from Paraguay!

Actually, when you receive this update, we will be in the final stages of packing our bags, on our way to the other side of the world, to Israel. How great is that???? God, in all of His love and mercy, has blessed us with the ‘dream of our life time’… the opportunity to physically and spiritually walk in the Holy Land. Next month we will share with you our exciting adventure… Shalom, Shalom!

**The Hola Club Children’s Hospital:  During the first four visits in October, we prayed for 343 children & parents and had 147 salvations. There will be another week of prayer that will add to this total later.
Please pray, there has been a great increase of small children with lung and breathing problems.

**Prison Ministry:  Pastor Victor shared this testimony of the power and authority of God! Diana Yacquelin, Aracely Concepción and Romina Giselle, are members of a Family that live and work within the prison walls. These young women, as well as other members of the family, were victims of tormenting evil spirits that were destroying their family. In desperation, the Prison Farm Director, Marino and his wife Gloria were called to minister to the Family. Being a product of the Prison Ministry and the CEB Bible Institute within the prison, Marion and Gloria boldly took authority with the Word of God and the Name of Jesus. The end results being that the members of the Benitez Family were set free and are now ‘all’ attending the CEB Bible Institute within the Agrupación Especializada Prison!
Please pray that every student learns how to walk and live in the power of the Holy Spirit of God.

**CEB Church:  The first Sunday of October has been declared the day for ‘International Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem’. This is a day of joy and a great celebration for our church as we dedicate our whole service in praying for and blessing this precious Nation. As in past years, we invited special guests to help us celebrate: Elizabeth Tilleria, who can sing Israeli songs like an angel, a dance team that praises God with their Jewish dances and, this year for the very first time, Rabbi Julian Vainstein, the leader of the Jewish community in Paraguay.

We were so honored to receive Rabbi Vainstein in our church. We could tell that he came with some doubts and concerns, but by the time the service was over he seemed relaxed and happy. (He said that his grandfather would never have believed that a group of gentiles would be singing Jewish songs!) Rabbi Vainstein shared a little about Israel and then he prayed for Israel in Hebrew and then in Spanish. The time was anointed and the congregation blessed. He also shared the historical fact, that it was Paraguay who gave the deciding vote when Israel was proclaimed a Nation in 1948! (That caused a cheer!)

When the Rabbi looked at our ‘church under the tarp’ he smiled and said: “Awe, this is like the ‘home of Abraham’… a roof with walls opened on all sides so that the visitors could come in to rest and receive all that they needed.” He told us that we should remember to keep the ‘door open to all’ when we build our building with walls.

We are thankful for this special time to show our community that we love and back Israel. Also, for a congregation that is so willing to lift the Nation of Israel up before the Throne of God.
Join us in lifting up Israel before God, as we continue to pray for her peace...the Shalom, Shalom of God!

**Extra Activity: Jerry served as one of the translators for a group of seven North American Gedeones that came to minister and give out Bibles in Paraguay. They visited schools, universities, hospitals, and prisons all in one week, handing out over 127,000 Bibles.

Blessings – Jerry and Connie.