April 2009

April 2009 

Greetings from Paraguay!

    The month of March is always special for us… our Wedding Anniversary (42 years) and the Birthday Month of our oldest granddaughter, Casey (18 years). Casey was about 1-1/2 years old when we came to Paraguay. It?s been a great joy watching her grow up over the years… even if it has been from a long distance. As you can tell, we are proud of our grandchildren…. all six of them! Jerry & Connie


    The Acosta Ñú Children's Hospital: In the month of March we made four visits to the hospital and prayed for 154-children. There were 38-parents and older children who prayed the prayer of salvation!

    Please excuse me, but I just have to take the time and space to tell you this story!  The second week in March, one of my helpers, Marí Báez, entered the cancer wing of the hospital to pray for the children. She found Omar, a 14 year old boy, in bed with his father by his side. The nurse motioned for Marí to come and pray, saying that Omar was dying and this would be his last prayer. Omar was bleeding at the mouth and was having difficulty breathing. Marí reached out her hands and prayed (as only Marí can pray!) During the prayer, suddenly a bed near the door collapsed… two of the main connecting bars had crashed to the floor.

    Startled, Marí and Omar?s father went to try to put the bed together, but it was useless. Omar?s father looked at Marí and said, “I guess the devil didn?t like us praying and he kicked the bed on his way out!” (That comment made our day, because we have been teaching the Word to the parents and children for many months!) All week long our thoughts were with Omar, but we didn?t hear a thing. The following Thursday Marí entered Omar?s room, but the bed was empty….. OMAR WAS UP WALKING IN THE HALLWAYS WITH HIS FATHER!

Marí Báez – on the right in intensive care.

The CEB Church:

    We are rejoicing and thanking God for the new wave of His Spirit that is stirring in our Sunday services. Once again people are crying out to God, bodies are being healed and hearts softened in His presence. Men that would never dream of attracting attention are standing up and testifying of the power and presence of God in their life, home and work.

God's favor and supply:

1. We wish to thank all of you that responded to the need of paying off the construction materials to the amount of $4,015 ($5,000 was needed) - we still need to pay the remaining $985 as soon as possible.

2. To date we have received $175 of the needed $9,000 to pay off the photocopier/printer that was purchased earlier this month.

    Please pray about your involvement with these two important projects. Our God is faithful and we praise Him for His abundant supply!


The persecution against the church:

    You have been praying with us about the formal complaint for „unusual noise" that was filed against us in February.  On March 19th, the Judge of Capiatá, sent a legal paper stating that the time frame for receiving evidence was closed, she now would be making her decision. As of yet, we have not received notification of the results. Our lawyer said that more than enough time had passed, and he will be checking into the situation by Friday, April 3.

    Our neighbor, Nancy, is the main source of the persecution. She is also a school teacher and has taken the persecution into the school by harassing the students that attend our church. The students are called out, told to give their ID Cards, addresses, and parent?s names so that they will be reported to the police as delinquents. They are told if they continue attending our church that they might as well not come back to school, they are not welcome. Some of the children have been frightened. Some of the parent?s have gone to complain to the director of the school, to only find that she is a close friend of Nancy and they are working together. We are trying to keep the calm, telling our members to go slow, walk in love and we will be with them in this situation. We are seeking God for direction, our lawyer has given us some words of wisdom, and we are in contacting our families involved. Please pray.

    To top it off, Nancy is spreading in the neighborhood that Pastor Jerry is telling our people that he is their God and they are to worship him; that he is teaching the children not to obey their parents…. etc. etc. etc…. you get the idea. Those that know us don?t believe the lies, but those that do not know us are listening. It is said that the name of „Pastor Jerry? is on the lips of the whole neighborhood. Pray that the Name of Jesus will be on their lips and that the lies will be known for what they are.


  1. for the salvation of Nancy and her family;
  2. that we as a church continue to walk in love and are not drawn into the fight that the neighbors are trying to create;
  3. that God closes the door on all this legal harassment so that all monies can go for our construction and not legal fees.

The New Construction Project:

We have presented the first of the building plans to the City of Capiatá for approval, and they should be approved by April 3. Pray for favor. As soon as the plans are approved, we will be putting up the storage room, moving in the container, and will begin the foundation for the building. Last week the men of the church moved the metal building frame onto the property!  We are ready!


The CFC Prison Ministry:

    Due to a prisoner escape involving 4-inmates, the prison has been under lockdown and no one has been allowed to enter, except under certain conditions. The director assures Pastor Victor that it is only a matter of time, to be patient. Pray for the students and teachers within, that they sense the presence of God with them, that they do not grow discouraged, and that there will be a revival within the walls of the prison. Pray for Pastor Victor, he is concerned for his „flock?.

    During the escape, one of our young men was given the opportunity to „run? with those fleeing.  One of the men threw a gun at his feet and said… „Let?s go!? Oscar said that he began to tremble and for a moment he was tempted, but God rose up in him and he said „No, I?m staying.? Thank God for His Word that is working in the hearts of the men!

    All 4-of the men have been re-captured…. one ended up in the hospital, shot 3 or 4 times!  Pastor Victor believes that God will give him an opportunity to minister the Word of God to the four once they are settled back into their cells.

Thank you for your faithful prayers.