May 2009

May 2009

Greetings From Paraguay!

Prayer at Mission Conference

    April was an exciting month for us… we held our first Missions Conference! Through the teachings of Dr. Keith Spanberger of the USA, Pastor Wilson Moir of Guatemala, and Andy Adcock of the USA, the eyes of our church body were opened to the meaning and importance of missions, personally and worldwide. Every department of the church was actively involved in making this an unforgettable and blessed event.

Fireman Training

    An outreach during the Missions Conference was a time in which Dr. Keith Spanberger, Andy Adcock and Jerry went into the City of Asunción to hold 4-1/2 hours of training for the Volunteer Firemen of the Firehouse in Mercado 4 (Market #4). Of the 17-firemen present for the training, 13 raised their hands to indicate that they had prayed the prayer of salvation presented at the end of the training. Tuesday evening, 4/21/09, 6-firefighters arrived in their fire truck (with lights flashing) to assist Dr. Keith and Andy present a workshop on ‘Basic First Aid Steps’ to the church body. It was an exciting time for everyone!  We feel that our church has taken a large step forward in completing the vision of reaching out to the world through Paraguay!

Jerry & Connie


The Acosta Ñú Children’s Hospital:
    In the month of April we made four visits to the hospital and prayed for 177-children. There were 87-parents and older children who prayed the prayer of salvation!  During one of our visits this month, 3-of the hospital guards came up to me (Connie) asking for some of the small toys for their children. After I gave them the items, they just kind of stood around as if waiting for something. I asked Dolia if she would like to share with them the plan of salvation. All three prayed right there in the hallway. Afterwards we asked if they had prayed the salvation prayer before, the two lady guards said yes, but the male guard said it was the first for him. Praise God!  In one of the rooms a doctor came and stood beside the bed as I was sharing with a mother. I quickly stepped back and asked if I was in his way, he said no, he just was listening. He got to hear almost the entire salvation plan before he was called away.  We are planting seeds!

The CEB Church:
    We are rejoicing and thanking God! The building plans that were submitted to the City of Capiatá have been approved, signed and delivered.  We are confident that the finances necessary will be provided and the first phase of the building plans will be a completed rapidly!


The persecution against the church: You have been praying with us about the formal complaint that was filed against us in February. The Judge of Capiatá, ruled that we are to not make any more excessive noise (but didn’t state what was excessive noise), and has officially transferred the case to the District Attorney in Asunción. Pastor Jerry was required to appear before the official with a lawyer. The District Attorney’s office will be sending someone to measure the sound level to see if indeed we are breaking the law. The evil forces behind our neighbors want to destroy us and keep us from building the new church facility, but we know that our God is in control.  We ask that you continue to pray.

The CFC Prison Ministry:
    Due to the past escape and recapture of 4-inmates, the prison is under lockdown and no one has been allowed to enter. Pastor Victor continues to try to get permission to re-enter to minister, but has not been successful to date. Please pray for favor and an open door to keep the CEB Bible Institute Classes and the church within operating.

Nation of Paraguay: The people of Paraguay have been shaken with a scandal that seems to grow with each passing day. A young woman has stepped forward claiming that President Lugo – a former Catholic Priest - is the father of her 2-year old son.  Several other women have now come forward claiming that he is also the father of their children. He has admitted to being the father of the first claim but is not talking about the other claims that have risen. The people are very shocked, disillusioned, and angry. To add to the Presidents problems, there is a great discord between him and his Vice President. We know that the Scriptures say that ‘a house divided against itself will fall’… please pray for this Nation.

Personal note:
 We are planning to attend our granddaughter Casey’s High School Graduation in Loveland, Colorado, at the end of May. We will be leaving Paraguay on May 13 and returning on June 19. We ask that you will join us in praying protection and blessing and provision for our trip, as we enjoy this family time.

We are praying for you:
We have heard the reports of the deadly Swine Flu that is breaking out in the USA and Mexico. We want to encourage you to put your faith in God and in his protecting Word. We have experienced the protecting hand of God year after year as we are surrounded with the deadly Dengue Fever and the Yellow Fever. We pray Psalms 91 over you and your family. If a symptom comes upon you, rise up and speak the Word and cast it from you. You are a child of God, protected by the Blood of Jesus and walking in victory! Your faith and trust is placed in God and His Word, so you cannot fail. Amen.

Thank you for your faithful prayers.