June 2009

JUNE 2009

Greetings from Loveland, CO!

    April 2009 closed with us looking ahead to our planned trip from May 13 to June 19 to attend our granddaughter Casey’s high school graduation from Thompson Valley High School in Loveland. With all the activities surrounding this special time we have also enjoyed attending baseball and softball games with MaKenzie, Kaleb, Jordyn and Jeremy; McKenzie’s graduation from pre-school; year-end concerts and award ceremonies with Jamie and Casey; events and other activities with our family that have kept us busy running from here to there.

Casey with Papa and Grammy at graduation.



Jeremy slides into second base.


Jamie our track queen.


Jordyn...wow, awesome!


Kaleb up to bat.


Makenzie - Preschool graduation!


    What is it like for us to travel from Paraguay to the US? A lot depends on the type of airfare one is able to obtain. This trip we opted for the cheapest airfare we could find – after consulting with our travel agent in Paraguay, we were able to confirm our flight with a cost of $1,010 each – a fare that would take us on another new adventure to countries never visited before. Here is how this trip to the US went:

  • We left our home in Paraguay at about 8:00 am on Wednesday, May 13 – 6:00 am Colorado time.

  • Our first flight took us from Asunción, Paraguay to Santiago, Chile where we had a 7 hour layover for our next connecting flight to Lima, Peru.

  • Upon arriving in Lima, we had a 1-1/2 hour layover – waiting in the plane while the preparations were made for the all night flight to Los Angeles, CA – a flight of just over 8-1/2 hours.

  • Arriving in Los Angeles meant that we had to pass through the immigrations and customs stations before proceeding to the United Airlines domestic check-in to obtain our boarding passes for the last leg of our journey, LA to Denver, CO – this taking about 1-1/2 hours to complete with an additional 3 hour layover before the flight to DIA.

  • Our departure time of 11:30 am for the flight to Colorado came and went – due to aircraft problems our departure time was delayed another 3 hours. Oh joy, three more hours of waiting! PTL anyway!

  • Arriving in Denver on May 14, traveling from DIA to Loveland – we were once again with our family just 36 hours after leaving Paraguay! Yes, it was worth every hour of travel!

  • Not all of our trips have been this long and complicated, but we certainly have had some adventures in our travels over the last 17 years! We will let you know how our return trip to Paraguay goes on June 18 and 19.

    We must confess that this trip was scheduled as a time of vacation to spend with our families and attend memorable occasions with our grandchildren. Even so, we have had the opportunity to share about Paraguay with Mrs. Miller’s 5th Grade Class at the Resurrection Fellowship Christian School and the senior’s Group at Celebration Church, both in Loveland, Colorado. The rest of our trip will consist of more baseball and softball, attending a dance recital with which our granddaughter Casey has been an instructor for several years; Casey will also be performing her Senior Dance recital. A quick trip to NE to see more family is scheduled for June 6-11.

As for news from Paraguay:

    Our capable staff has been continuing on with the ministry as programmed. We are now in a rainy time in Paraguay with storms practically every day. The rain has caused some problems with homes flooding; water entering into the office and making travel somewhat difficult at times. One Sunday morning service had to be rescheduled for later in the day due to inclement weather – even though the attendance was down, our staff reported a sweet presence of the Lord was present during the service.

    Because of all the rain and inclement weather, our contractor has delayed his being able to start construction on the first phases of the preparation process to start the foundation on the new building. We hope to get the work started in the next two to three weeks.

Prayer requests for June:

  • Please pray that God would continue to bless us during the rest of our stay in the US. Our personal finances have been a little tight on this trip - please pray for continued abundant supply with the ability to bless our children and grandchildren.

  • We still have not received clearance from the Prison System to re-enter the prison to continue our training and Bible teaching - please pray that when Pastor Victor Cardozo meets with the officials this week that God will re-open the doors for us. Our teachers and leaders inside the prison are reporting victory during the continuing prayer and study times they are able to conduct - please pray for favor that they may continue to meet and minister.

  • Please continue to pray for the neighbors who have risen up against the church; we believe God for their salvation and that the hidden things are brought to light. Please continue to pray that the legal process against the church for ‘too much noise’ be cleared up in the timing of God.

  • We need $7,000 to pay off the new office copy machine – please pray for the supply of this financial need.

  • As the construction of the new facilities is about to begin, please pray and agree with us for the supply of necessary finances to start the process and to be able to continue without interruption until finished. We believe in and are challenging the Paraguayan congregation concerning their responsibilities throughout the building phases. Please pray that the supernatural blessing fall upon them and their continued faithfulness.

  • Pastor Victor and Marlene Cardozo are expecting their third child sometime in January of 2010 – please pray for the protection of mother and baby during the pregnancy.

Thank you for your faithful prayers – we love and appreciate you all!

Jerry and Connie White.