July 2009

Greetings from Paraguay!

    Yes, we are in Paraguay once again! Our June up-date was sent from the States, loaded with pictures of our grandchildren and all of our activities with them. What a wonderful visit…there’s not space enough to share the joy and fun we experienced in those few short weeks! Now, we have returned refreshed of has placed in our hearts.
Jerry & Connie


    The Acosta Ñú Children’s Hospital:  In the month of June our faithful team of ladies continued the visits to the hospital, praying for 135-children. There were 56-parents and older children who prayed the prayer of salvation!

The CEB Church:

    There was a shout of joy as we dug the first spade of dirt!  Sunday, June 21st, we officially broke ground for the first of several buildings that will make up the new CEB Ministry Complex. This same day we celebrated our 12th Church Anniversary, which was completed in June. We have so much to be thankful for, God is good!


    On top of that, we have started the construction of the pillars for our permanent fencing on one side of the church property! Even the walled fence will be a thing of beauty and glory to the Name of our Lord! What a joy it is to see these pillars take shape before our eyes.


A testimony of the goodness and perfect timing of God:

    In April, during our Missions Convention, Dr. Keith Spanberger, assisted by Andy Adcock and the Volunteer Firemen of the Firestation in Mercado 4 (Market 4), presented a training of the ‘Basic First aid Steps’ to the church body. Two weeks ago, Marí Báez had to draw upon this valuable knowledge to save the life of a neighbor’s child. Andrea, a handicapped 9-year old girl, had stuffed a large piece of bread into her mouth and it lodged in her throat. Hearing the screamed prayers of Andrea’s mother Juliana and brother Bernardo; Marí raced to find Andrea turning blue as her mother pounded on her back. Quickly, Marí grabbed the child from behind and applied the Heimlich maneuver. It took two pressure thrusts (as she had seen Dr. Keith illustrate) before the bread was dislodged and Andrea could breathe once again! God is so faithful to supply us with the knowledge that we need in this life, ahead of time!

Join us in PRAYING for:

The persecution against the church:

    An up-date… As of yet, we have not been informed by the District Attorney’s office that the measurements of the sound levels of our services have been taken. Our lawyer says by law that is the next step that will be taken.

    Sad to say, two days before our return to Paraguay, our staff received notification by telephone that more charges had been filed against the church.  It was interesting to note that no legal documents had been delivered, only the negative phone call.  We feel that it is just the enemy breathing more lies and threats, trying to cause us to walk in fear. Immediately, after hearing these threats, we heard from several sources positive words from God assuring us that He has it all under control. We are resting in Him. We ask that you continue to pray.

The CFC Prison Ministry:

    Pastor Victor has not been able to arrange a meeting with the Head Director of Security, who is over the Paraguayan Prisons. Only with this man’s permission will we be able to re-enter to minister as in the past 6-years. To maintain contact with our students and teachers within, Pastor Victor will make short weekly visits during the public visiting hours. Please pray for favor and an open door to keep the CEB Bible Institute Classes and the church within operating.  Pray that the Word that has been sown into the hearts of these men over the years will rise up strong in their spirits, causing them to grow spiritually as they minister one with the other.  Together, in the Name of Jesus, we tear down these strongholds of resistance!

Nation of Paraguay:

    The hospitals are one of the main topics of concern at this point of time. The Swine Flu has arrived in Paraguay, many are walking in fear. The cold weather has brought on colds and a variety of flu, causing the hospitals to overflow with patients and a great lack of medicines. Join us in speaking healing to the people of this nation.

Thank you for your faithful prayers.