August 2009


Greetings from Paraguay!

    In looking at our August report, we have to quote our home church pastor, Pastor John Stocker: “If this doesn’t make you shout and praise the Lord, you need to get saved!” Get ready and put on your dancing shoes, it’s time to join us in celebrating and praising our faithful Lord!

Jerry & Connie




    In the month of July our faithful team of now ‘7 ladies’ visited the hospital, praying for 233-children and parents. There were 91-parents and older children who prayed the prayer of salvation!

***Do we have a story for you!

Tuesday, 07/28, Fabian Quenca, a 14 year old boy who had been in Acosta Ñú Hospital for 10 months battling cancer, took his last breath. The ICU doctors pronounced him dead and disconnected all of his life support equipment. Fabian’s father was informed and he immediately called home instructing the family to prepare the house for the ‘wake’… he would be bringing Fabian home. Fabian’s best clothes were laid out, the coffin was ready, and an ambulance was standing by for the long trip to the interior. Four hours after being declared dead, as the father and a nurse were preparing to bathe his body in preparation for the trip to his home in Encarnación, Fabian suddenly took a deep breath… Fabian was back!  The doctors and nurses were amazed; they didn’t understand how this could happen. Of course, Fabian was the talk of the hospital! Several of the young patients commented that his faith gave them hope. He was still in critical condition, but he was alive. He tried to communicate with his dad. We are a bit unclear at what was being monitored, but it was reported that when placed in the ICU ward ‘this level’ was at 13 points and kept dropping until he was pronounced dead. When Fabian returned, this ‘monitored level’ was at 80 points! Fabian’s father said he didn’t know what to expect next, but he knew that God was at work in his son. We continued to pray and speak life to him during the following week, knowing that Fabian was in the hands of a miracle working God… many in the hospital were witnessing His power in action!

Latest update -

    As we were preparing to send out this report on Tuesday, August 4 we were informed that at 5:00 am this morning, Fabian went to be with Jesus, this time he didn’t return. As Fabian’s father was talking with Mari Báez about his son’s death, he made this comment – My desire is to know personally this same Jesus that my son knew and came to trust with all of his heart. This same Jesus that you have been bringing to this hospital, this same Jesus that you teach about, I want to put my faith in Him as my son did. We thank God for allowing us to share Jesus with Fabian and his father. Our prayer is that ‘his’ faith will reach out to touch his family, to be a witness to each one.

The CEB Church:

    The CEB Church is growing:
    Sunday, 07/19, there were 128 in attendance in the church service. Sunday, 07/26, there were 126 in attendance. We are meeting out in the open under a large tarp. The morning temperatures have been in the 40 to 50 degree range…COLD! Yet, the people are coming and bringing their friends and families to worship God.

The construction: 
    Praise God, the finishing touches to the brickwork on the permanent fencing on one side of the church property have been made. It is ready to be enclosed with wire we have on hand, this will function until the planned iron railing can be fit into the construction budget.


The foundation has been dug and laid for the container. The next step is having the container moved in and placed. Following this step, a storage area will be built around the container, which will someday be the first floor of a 3-floor structure!  Next we will focus on bathrooms, septic tank, and the main building foundation.

Join us in PRAYING for:

The persecution against the church:

    The victory is ours… Once again we received a hand delivered letter (by a policeman) stating that we were to appear at the District Attorney’s office in Asunción on Wednesday, 07/29. When we arrived, the complaint filling neighbor was present also. To our surprise, he stated that he had seen an improvement in the situation and wanted to withdraw the complaint filed against the church. We believe that this victory came to pass through the mighty prayers which gave God opportunity to change his heart. Thank you Jesus!

The CFC Prison Ministry:

    Pastor Victor has been able to reestablish contact with the students and church members within the prison by changing his visit schedule to Saturdays. He has found the brothers within continuing in faith, holding church services and asking to start a new CEB Bible Institute class. Pastor Victor has not been able to have the freedom that he experienced before, but we are praying and believing that ‘God fearing men’ will be placed in positions of authority. We expect to see an even greater and stronger ministry than before the shut-down.

 After 12-years behind prison bars, Tuesday, 07/21, our brother in Christ, Derlis Brizuela walked out a free man. Sunday, 07/26, Derlis and his wife Noelia were in church with us and we had the privilege of dedicating their newborn son Hazael Tobias to God. In Derlis, we see a changed man that loves God with all of his heart. With joy and open arms we welcome him and his family into our church body.  


  1. The Nation of Paraguay: The cold weather continues, causing colds and a variety of flu, and deaths. The hospitals are overflowing with patients and lack medicines.  Join us in speaking healing to the people of this nation.

  2. Inner healing: We ask for prayer and wisdom in ministering to two young ladies that have each experienced a rape. Also, for a young lady that has an eating disorder, praying that she will be open to receive help.

  3. Construction funding: Please continue to agree with us for the supply of thefunding needed to continue the construction process.

Thank you for your faithful prayers.