October 2009

Greetings from Paraguay!

    Hey, are we ever pumped! Now, maybe we should be a little more refined and say that we are ‘very excited’, but the truth is, that just doesn’t seem to express what we are feeling on the inside! God is moving, showing His love, power and provision… He’s just got our spirits pumped up with praise and thanksgiving!

Why? What’s happening? We are glad you asked!

1) Jerry is growing stronger every day. His little hospital stay only proved to show us the care and protection of God, as well as the love of our friends and supporting churches. The food poisoning is a thing of the past and he is several pounds lighter!

2) Even though members of a satanic cult have been prowling around, their hocus-pocus has no power. We just speak the Word as we scrub away their slopped oil off our entryway and walls and proclaim the Name of Jesus as we walk around the ministry boundaries. We thank God that we are under His care and protection.

3) Even though the temperature dropped from 93 degrees to 56 degrees (in a span of time from noon to evening), our people gathered (35 to 40 of them) for the next three cold nights to pray, intercede and seek God for a personal spiritual renewal, for the church and for Paraguay. What a powerful time!  These are only a few examples, but the most important thing is that the Holy Spirit is moving and stirring hearts in Paraguay and we are right in the middle of it!

Jerry & Connie


The Acosta Ñú Children’s Hospital:  In the month of September our faithful team visited the hospital 3 times, praying for 163-children and parents. There were 69-parents and older children who prayed the prayer of salvation!

001The CEB Church:  The Sunday attendance is approaching the 150-range… we haven’t hit it on a regular bases yet, but we are getting very close! More and more people are setting their eyes on Jesus and speaking forth their faith inthat we will have 1,000-members within a very short period of time. We, the leadership, are setting our goals at providing the Word and a place for the Holy Spirit to move… leaving the numbers to God. But, we do have to admit, it is exciting to see God at work and the people gathering to seek His face!



 Youth:  The month of September is considered the ‘Youth Month’ in Paraguay, with the ‘Youth Day’ on September 21st, the first Day of Spring. The CEB Youth Leaders, Daniel and Marta Benitez and the youth were given complete charge of the Sunday morning service on September 20th. They handled every area as we, the old folks, sat back and enjoyed. What a blessing! They sang, they preached, they prayed and they praised… and we wept and thanked God! At the end the youth were called forward so that we could pray and lay hands on them individually, and nearly half of the congregation stood up and moved forward. Truly, we are blessed.

 Join us in PRAYING for:

CEB Church Construction:  Arrangements are being made to move the container to the ministry property; the new foundation is awaiting its arrival. After this first step, we will enclose the container, creating a badly needed storage area.  A Restroom Complex to be placed on the large property has become a priority at the moment. The complex is being designed and then will be submitted for City approval.  (The people are willing to sit out under the trees for services, but having one bathroom a block away is just too much! We think so too.) Please pray that these projects can be completed rapidly and without complications.




CFC Prison Ministry:  Pray that the students and church members stand firm as they wait for the return of the regular ministry schedule.  Pray that God will place the CFC Ministry into the thoughts of the Head of Interior Affairs and give us favor in his eyes. Pray that it becomes imperative to him by the Holy Spirit that he reinstates our permission to enter and minister the Word.


Past special prayer requests:

We asked that you would join us in praying for a buyer for the Suburban that we have had for sale for some time. As of yet it has not sold, lots of talk but no action. We ask for God’s perfect timing and provision. Keep lifting up this need.

We told you how the lady that owns the adjoining lot to our property on the North came and re-offered to sale us her property. We asked that she bring in the title and we would start the process and she agreed to do so the following week. In checking with the notary, she has yet to show up with the paperwork.

* We can’t help but feel that these two areas hinge one on the other. We ask that God will break the spiritual hindrances that are behind these problems and that all will be completed in His timing.

Thank you for your faithful prayers.

AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:  Two of our granddaughters had their birthdays: MaKenzie celebrated her 6th Birthday on September 26th and Jordyn celebrated her 12th Birthday on October 1st….. Happy Birthday girls, we love and bless you!
Papa & Grammy xxoo