November 2009

Greetings from Paraguay!

august2009-01Noah would feel at home in Paraguay if he were here today! October was a very wet month; the weekly rainstorms caused the rivers to overflow and to flood many neighborhoods across the country. These rivers are reclaiming lands that were ‘inviting’ to the poor during the dry years. Now, with all the rain, people are scrambling looking for a dry place to live and work. In the past, it only took a short time for whole neighborhoods of shack houses and business to spring up along the riverbanks…what we see now, is a great many people suffering the loss of what little they did have in this world as the muddy red rivers swell. We had our share of mopping up water in the office also, but that was due to the plugged drain pipes. The rain can come quickly in sheets and with great force, but we are now ready for the next go-round…the drains are clean!

    Jerry & Connie


002aThe Acosta Ñú Children’s Hospital:  What a joy it is for our team to go to pray with the children and their parents each week. In the month of October we visited the hospital 4 times, praying for 191-children and parents.  There Obj100 were 110-parents and older children who prayed the prayer of salvation! What a harvest field!

**Dolia shared that one of the new lady-guards was following her from bed to bed watching every move she made. Finally, Dolia asked her if she would like to help her, she said yes! It didn’t take too many more prayer times before the lady-guard ask if she could pray the prayer of salvation too. After their prayer, Dolia gave the lady-guard our materials and gifts for her children and she went back to work happy. This same day we had 37-salvations and Dolia had lead 18 of them to the Lord herself. Thank God for faithful workers.

The CEB Church:  As a church body, we are looking forward to having a building, but until that time, we are content to worship and praise God under the trees and the big blue tarp!

003We've just got to say 'Thanks!':  One of the most important ‘tools’ of a missionary is his transportation. This tool can prove to be a blessing or a curse.  Over the years we have experienced both extremes. Most of the vehicles were reliable, but we did have one that seemed to leave us stranded in the most inopportune times and places. BUT THE WHEELS WE NOW HAVE ARE AWESOME! Yep, the 1995 Nissan Patrol is getting on in years but does it ever have ‘heart’! The third weekend in October we went ministering in the interior in the midst of the heavy rains. Normally, if it rains in the interior of the country, all activities stop, you sit where you are until the roads dry out. This trip, Jerry just put it in 4x4 and we forged through mud, ruts and even a raging river! (Of course, Connie was hanging on and praying the whole time!) We are truly thankful to God for providing this ‘tool’ last year, it has proven to be a blessing!

004aJust to make you smile: One of the reasons we went interior during October was to attend the wedding of a beloved pastor friend, Pastor Eduardo and his new bride Maria. Pastor Eduardo had mentioned something to Jerry about being a witness for the religious ceremony, but there was nothing more shared. On the Wedding Day, as we walked out of the house, we asked: Who was taking pictures of the ceremony?  The answer: no one, so out came the camera and Jerry became their photographer. When the bride’s party was ready to leave the house, we asked how they would be traveling to the church.  They said: walking! Jerry quickly became their chauffer and drove them the two muddy blocks to the church. I, Connie, stepped out of the car and to the side to allow the bride and groom to enter the church. To my surprise, I was quickly rushed to the groom’s side to escort him in and be a type of matron of honor. Jerry had to hand the camera off to Edgar because he found that he was to escort the bride in and to be the best man.  The next day we became taxi drivers, delivering ‘5’ of Pastor Eduardo’s 13-children home! In remembering all that went on, we have to laugh, but you know, it’s great to be needed!




CEB Church Construction: The container has been moved to the ministry property and it is filled to running over! All went well with the help of 2-crane trucks and an experienced crew.


 Join us in PRAYING for:


CEB Church Construction:  The Restroom Complex blueprints are finished and soon will be submitted for City approval. The people are excited and have pledged to help get the complex up as soon as possible. Please pray that this project can be completed rapidly and without complications. 



CFC Prison Ministry:  There has been no change in the situation.  Pray that the men will stand firm in their faith as they wait for the return of our regular Bible school and ministry schedule.

Pray for the country of Paraguay: There has been a new wave of kidnappings provoking fear; talk of the terrorist group FARC locating in country; crime on the increase due to a 26% unemployment rate; homeless numbers increasing; and much discord within the government leaders and parties. Pray that God will send laborers into this white harvest of souls! (Our prayer is that God will stir the Paraguayans that we have taught and equipped all of these years to rise up and answer the call of the Lord of Harvest here in their own country!)

Thank you for your faithful prayers.