November 2015

Greetings from Paraguay!

It never ceases to amaze usGod sent us to Paraguay to teach the Paraguayan people the Word of God, but it never ceases to amaze us of what we are learning from them! Truly, God is rising up a wise, a strong and bold people in this land, with a faith that is producing healed bodies, saved souls and lives restored. We work together, and at times step aside and watch, as willing hearts and hands reach out to do the work. Could this contentment, that we are feeling, be how our Father God feels when we, His children, begin to put His Word into action? It certainly is a joy and worth the effort!

**The Hola Club Children’s Hospital:

During the month of October we visited the Children’s Hospital 5 times, sharing and praying with530 parents and children, with 201 people choosing to pray the prayer of salvation!


2015 11 foto bebe*Here’s something that made us smile! This is a picture and short texted message that was sent to Pastor Bette from a mother that she prayed with at the Children’s Hospital.

(Baby communicating with her eyes): Thank you Aunt (what they call us) for praying for my healing so that I may acomplish my mission on the earth.”  (Mother talking):She is doing better after the transfusion and I believe that this Friday we will leave if God doesn’t say differently.Thank you Betty and all those that work with you also.”

*Pastor Bette shared about a young couple whose baby was born with an incurable heart problem. Everytime the baby experienced a problem, the blood prresure of the 17 year old mother would shoot up and she would pass out. After being hospitalized once for this problem, the father of the child hesitated to tell the mother when the baby was experiencing setbacks.The girl’s mother refused to have anything to do with her daughter or accept the baby, because she did not like the father. So, they were alone to deal with the grave situations… this is the condition in which Bette encounted the young couple. For several weeks, during our visits, Bette would seek out the young mother and pray for her. Within a short time, the young mother began to respond to each crisies more calmly, the Word and prayer were working in her heart.

IMG-20151104-WA0019Late one evening, Bette found herself at the hospital with her 3 year old grandson Max. As she sat waiting for the doctor’s reports, Bette saw the young mother weeping…her 2 month old baby had passed away. The first miracle was that, Bette was present at the hospital at that time. The second miracle was that the young mother’s blood presure stayed normal. She was mourning her child, but her faith in God had seen her through the crises! (By the way, Max was soon released and he was thanking and praying for everyone…just like his grandmother!)

DSC04701*Marí had come from a Catholic background when she received Jesus and began attending our church about 9 years ago. For this reason, many of her extended family rejected her personally. For years one aunt critizied her greatly and was very vocal about Marí and her ‘religion’ to family and neighbors. To Marí’s surprise, this aunt recently appeared at her mother’s door while Marí was visiting. The aunt began to appolize to Marí for all of her critisims, stating what a good person Marí was! What had brought on such a change of opinion? Turns out, one week Mari encounted one of her cousins with her son at the Children’s Hospital. Marí prayed for the child, declaring healing and the Word over him. Later, the group of ladies that Marí teaches weekly began telling the cousin about the Word and how Marí ministered to them. (Yes, your guessed… it was this aunt’s grandson that Marí had prayed for!) God can change hearts and situations over night. Marí feels that soon her extended family will be open to receive the Good News also and is praising God!

 Please pray for the doctors and nurses of the Children’s Hospital. Pray that they will have supernatural knowledge and abilities as they treat the children. There has been a greater number of heart surgeries preformed at the hospital,and sad to say, there has been a number of deaths. We proclaim the Name of Jesus over this hospital, that it is a place of healing and salvation for all that enter!

**CEB Church:

DSC02826When we think of all that has transpired in the local LWT church here in Paraguay since installing Pastors Victor and Marlene Cardozo as the Senior Pastors in April of this year, we stand amazed at the goodness of our God! Now, don’t just think that all has been easy because we have hit some ‘lomadas (speed bumps)’ as high as a mountain, we have encountered some ‘baches (potholes)’ big enough to swallow a Volkswagen, sometimes we have run out of ‘combustible (fuel)’ and even had to push the machine to the next ‘surtidor (service station)’, etc. However, while reading 1 Corinthians 12:18the other day, in the Amplified Version, it was confirmed once again that we had made the right decision, at the right time in ‘stepping down’ as Pastors of the church to assume our position as General Directors of the ministry. Verse 18reads like this: But as it is, God has placed and arranged the limbs and organs in the body, each [particular one] of them, just as He wished and saw fit and with the best adaptation.We are pleased to witness the Hand of God as he quietly, sometimes slowly, brings those aboard to support Pastors Victor and Marlene as they go forward pursuing the Great Commission (Matthew 28)by implementing their Mission as Pastors. And yes, we are as happy as can be in occupying the back seat as God directs the church, supporting them in every way.

Please continue to join us in praying for Pastors Victor and Marlene as they ‘expand’ this ever changing ministry endeavor to reach out to the city of Capiatá through the Local Church.

**CFC Prison Ministry:

altAnyK6RSaFPvRh0X8gaK1irLrrPy8xRjB79EOU_wNYaU9Oscar G., our in-house Director, wrote this testimony from the Agrupación Especializada Prison:  “God has blessed us with the healing of a son of one of our brothers. He has provided more unity between the brothers and more confidence with the authorities. We are finishing the Bible Institute classes and all have a great desire to return to study once again next year. There are new brothers that want to know of God and His Word because of the fruit that they see in the men that are studying in the Bible Institute. We are very thankful for all that we are receiving because of the LWT Ministry. We are seeing the hand of God working in our lives and the lives of our families. Thank you for everything! Many blessings to all!”

Please continue to pray for this group of men that are being transformed by the Word of God. Pray that the numbers attending the Bible Institute classes will increase greatly when the new classes are re-opened next year. We are pleased to share that many of the men that have been released from prison are now attending our church in Capiatá!

**Association of Churches:

In March of this year, we once again began visiting daughter churches of the ministry that are located in the interior of the country in Zayas of Yaguarón, Isla Alta of Quiindy and Itá Azul of Colonia Independencía. We have decided that we will visit each church four times each year, once every three months. From time to time we will also visit some of the other numerous locations where we have held CEB Bible School classes before. Our main goals are; 1. Reestablish contact and ministry relations with each church. 2. Minister the Liberating Word of God via teachings, Bible studies, counseling, videos and special outreaches. 3. Teach leadership and ministry principles. 4. Be of service and exhortation to the congregations in each area.

combo-15_mUsIcADOAfter making three visits to each of these locations so far this year, we have found it necessary to purchase 2-portable sound systems. These systems need to be of sufficient wattage that we will be able to minister to small group gatherings of +/- 100 people. We have found such a system here in Paraguay that will cost $350.00 each. These systems come with a 5-hour battery back-up pack, USD and SD card connections, connections for 1-keyboard and 1-guitar as well as for 1-cassette player; also included in the package are 2-wireless microphone systems and a Bluetooth wireless connection. These systems will be very useful for our trips to the interior. If you are able to help with this investment, please contact us as soon as possible.

 Please agree with us for the prompt supply of the $700.00 needed for the 2-portable sound systems. Our next trips to the interior are scheduled for the last week of November and the first two-weekends of December. Also, each trip to visit all three of these churches every three months costs approx. $400.00 for fuel and necessary expenses – we need sponsors for each of the four annual visits.

Repeated from October Report - Additional prayer needed:

Upon arriving back in Paraguay on August 21, we found it necessary to begin a process of major administration changes in the area of the accounting department of the ministry. Due to the unexpected but necessary resignation of one of our long-time staff members. I (Jerry) have found it necessary to take over this department due to various irregularities and processes necessary to get back on track with our reporting requirements. These processes will take place over the next few months of 2015 and into the first months of 2016. Please pray for wisdom, understanding, and patience for all involved and affected by these changes.

It is the desire of the congregation of the church to complete the amplification of the current roof area used for church services to include the installation of the concrete floor, improvements in the illumination and accessibility. Since this project is being funded only here in Paraguay by the Paraguayans, please pray for a more than abundant supply of finances to finish the project before the end of the year.

We have an immediate need to purchase 150 additional chairs. Each chair will cost approx. U$D 15 each, totaling a need of U$D 2,250. Please agree with us for the supply of these finances.

We are out of space! We need: classrooms for the Sunday School, Bible School and Youth’s use – storage space – an apartment for us to live in – repairs and remodeling of current spaces – total needed to get started on these projects = U$D 150,000. Please agree for the supply of these additional funds.

Blessings – Jerry and Connie.