September 2015

Greetings from Paraguay
… yes, we’re back ! Our USA Trip passed by quickly; we arrived back in Paraguay on August 21 at 1:30 AM and we have been blowing and going ever since! Most of our time in August was spent working with Jerry’s sisters and brother in getting Mom White settled in her new home: Good Samaritan Retirement Center and reorganizing her old home and ‘stuff’. The family had good laughs, silent tears and many memories as they sorted and organized. We are happy to say that Mom is healthy, happy and in good hands… we can rest knowing that she is safe and comfortable in this stage of her precious life . We also were present to celebrate her 88th Birthday on August 6th!
With all that had to be done with mom’s place, we considered extending our visit in the States. After checking with the airlines, we found that the additional costs and penalties were too great. As we prayed about the situation, we felt Father God saying, “ No, I need you to return to Paraguay .” We returned to find that there were some Staff challenges that needed our immediate attention. We ask for your prayers for wisdom as we work through the situations. We know the result will be joy,peace, and victory as we move forward!

Our ‘returning home greeting’ was very warm from our Staff, which included a welcoming poster and food in the fridge! Once unpacked, Jerry turned ‘our bedroom’ into ‘our sitting room’ and put up his feet! It’s good to be back - we just wish that our ‘two worlds’ were closer together so that we could enjoy them both at the same time!


**The Hola Club Children’s Hospital:
During the month of August we visited the Children’s Hospital 2 times, sharing and praying with 162 parents and children, with 73 people choosing to pray the prayer of salvation! The hosptial ministry suffered a bit of a backset during the month of August. My assistant, Dolia shared that many on our team had been sick with colds and were unable to attend. After counseling with Pastora Bette and Dolia, we made the decision to take the last week in August to do some ‘spiritual housecleaning’ instead of going to the hospital as scheduled. Our ministry team went before God interceding for the outreach, the team members and their families… coming against the spiritual attack, taking authority in the Name of Jesus, and proclaiming healing, health and victory over the Hola Club!
>Please pray for the Hola Club volunteers , we are dete rmined that this ministry will not be stopped or sidetracked… we will go forth in the power of the Holy Spirit! **Prison Ministry:
Pastor Victor shared that while we were on leave, the Prison Directorship at Agrupación Especializada Prison has been changed twice. With the instating of a ‘new director’, there are always new requirements and ‘red tape’ to pass through. He reported that the Church Resurrection and CEB Bible Institute classes have continued. He asked for prayer for a couple that have a certain amount of influence in the prison. They are experiencing marriage problems. We are praying for the healing of their marriage and that there will be no negative influence on the prison ministry.
>Please join us as we lift up this ministry.  The prison directors and the individual lives that are being touched.
**CEB Church:
Pastor Victor was so pleased to share that the church family over all was doing well. He and his wife have been busy ministering, planning and setting future goals. Our first Sunday back, Jerry had the opportunity to preach, which blessed him. We were greeted with familiar and new faces and lots of hugs. We can see that there have been ‘spiritual challenges’ in the church also, but the leadership is strong and trusting in Father God.
>Please join us in praying for the areas of the church that are experiencing the greatest need of re-organization and direction. The youth and children.  We know that God has a perfect Plan and faithful workers!
As you have read our up-date, we are sure that you have noted that in all of the areas there has been ‘spiritual challenges’ during our absence from Paraguay. We are not discouraged or alarmed…fact is, we see it as a sign that spiritually things are happening here and we are a threat to the devil. We do ask for your covering of prayer and wisdom as we take our stand, gaining even more ground in the Name of Jesus! Blessings.
Jerry and Connie