December 2015

May you feel God’s presence in the candles, that softly spread their glow at Christmas and may you experience the wonder of His abiding love, as He guides you, through each day of the coming year. May God’s Blessings be with you at this Christmas and New Year!

Jerry and Connie.

Greetings from Paraguay!

Merry Christmas… its HO, HO, HOSANNA time again!

All year long we are telling others about Jesus and his love and now it’s the season to celebrate his birth… can’t get better than that! Amazing as it may seem, while the world is getting darker, there are more and more people willing to listen to the Good News, believing and receiving! Remember the scripture that talks about the fields that are white and ready for harvest? All we are doing is presenting God’s love, the opportunity to have a personal relationship with Father God through Jesus His Son… the plan of salvation… and we are gathering in the harvest one soul at a time! Now if that doesn’t make you shout HO, HO, HOSANNA, we need to talk!

**The Hola Club Children’s Hospital:

During the month of November we visited the Children’s Hospital 4 times, sharing and praying with 455 parents and children, with 175 people choosing to pray the prayer of salvation!


vlcsnap-2015-11-04-11h13m03s348*Do you remember last month we shared about the young mother that texted and sent pictures of her daughter to Pastor Bette? Pastor Bette got another text, they didn’t get to go home as hoped, but the mother had been busy sharing her testimony and had two other mothers waiting to receive Jesus the next time we visited!

Please pray that the personal testimonies of the mothers will have a great affect and spread from one to another even when we are not present at the hospital.

Foto0015*A young father shared this testimony when the plan of salvation was presented to him: He had been a drug addict and one day stole a backpack to buy more drugs. In the backpack he found a Bible. Later, taking more drugs than he should, his heart and mind began to race. The only thought entering his mind was: Read that Bible! In his high state, he grabbed the Bible and began reading it out loud… so loud in fact, his brother began to beat him. That was the turning point for him, he received Jesus and began attending a church. He ashamedly admitted that he had backslid into the old lifestyle, in the process, losing the confidence of his family. That day at the hospital, he humbled himself once again and called out to God for his mercy!

Please lift up this young man, that God will place strong Christian friends around him to help and encourage him in his walk with God.

*Once again we were ministering to a teenage girl that had been suffering from depression and evil influences. Last week I, Connie met Norma. In her eyes I could see the bondage and hear the confusion in her speech. Shortly after I entered, Dolia hurried into the room. The Head Nurse had sent her so that I would not be alone… Norma was known to have violent spells. As we talked about God’s love with Norma and her mother, they both asked to pray the prayer of salvation. We took the time to declare the Word of God over Norma. The next week, Dolia was the one to enter Norma’s room first. She quickly came out saying that Norma wanted to see me. I entered to find a young girl still hollowed eyed and muddering, but with a look of expectancy as she faced me. I gathered her into my arms, hugging her several times and gave her a big kiss on the forehead. Once again I prayed and declared the Word over her, then returned to the group that I had been ministering. Dolia stayed… this time leading Norma’s father to Jesus!

Please lift Norma up in prayer, the doctors have her on calming drugs, which affect her thinking and speech. We declare that Norma is free and healed in her spirit, soul and body. That she will once again think clearly and live a normal life!

*We had just shared Jesus with a another young father that listened carefully and willingly wanted to receive Jesus. But, afterwards he looked worried and ask: “What if ‘someone’ has a smoking and drinking habit?” He was so serious, I couldn’t help but smile. I told him that God loves and receives us ‘as we are’. That He begins the work of salvation on the ‘inside’… changing and renewing our heart, which will change our outward desires and actions. I told him not to worry about it, to ask God to help him if and when the temptions came.

Please pray for strength and wisdom for this young father, he was truly sincere when we spoke.

Please pray favor for the Hola Club Ministry at the Children’s Hospital. Next month we will be submitting the required Annual Permission Request, to the Director. Only the groups receiving the Directors approval are allowed to minister in the hospital. We are expecting great things in the Year 2016 as we proclaim the Name of Jesus over this hospital… a place of healing and salvation for all that enter!

**CEB Church:

We did a quick interview of four of ‘our former inmates’ now released from the prison. Rejoice with us as you read how this ministry has touched their lives:

Question 1: How did you come to know about the CEB Church?

Alfredo: I came to know about the church through Pastor Victor.

Pedro: While I was imprisoned, the church came to me.

Pablo: I learned about the church while I was in maximum security during the darkest days of my life. Jerry White came for a visit and started a Bible Study sponsored by the church.

Fidel: I came to know about the church from the other prisoners where I was incarcerated.

Question 2: While you were in prison, what significance did the church have for you and your family?

Alfredo: After coming to know about the church while still in prison, the connection with the church helped me walk healed and saved and helped me obtain a lot of wisdom where I learned the real value of life and many other things. God cleansed me of all the bad desires, habits and thoughts of the past. God took the desire for vengeance out of me and gave me peace.

Pedro: While I was in prison, the church was, for me and my family, a step of reaffirmation of a new healed life, a life based on good judgement.

Pablo: During my time of imprisonment the church not only taught me the Word of God but also assisted me and my family. The church helped us to rediscover our dignity to walk in a new life completely different from the one that we were living before – Glory to God!

Fidel: During my imprisonment the church was very important to me because by way of the Bible studies I learned what God wanted of me.

Question 3: After being released from prison, what can you say about the church?

Alfredo: The church has become an important place where I can go to receive the prayer of other believers to help me maintain my life free spiritually and physically. I thank God that through the church I have been rescued from the road of destruction.

Pedro: The church is based on Jesus Christ in order to rescue the lost.

Pablo: Today, two years after being released from prison, the church continues being a help to me and my family as we minister together in the church in Asunción where my wife and daughters attended the 18 years I was in prison. Also, because of my liberty in Jesus Christ, I have been able to share my testimony of what God has done for me in many different churches throughout Paraguay. The CEB Church has and continues to be of great support for me and my family – I love the church very much.

Fidel: When I was released from prison I came to be part of the church because here I have found all that God has proclaimed that the church should be.

Please continue to pray for both groups of men: those that are serving their sentence and those that have been released. God is doing great things within the hearts of each man, and the results are flowing to their families and changing their lives.

**Your Year End Giving:

As we approach the end of 2015, we encourage you to consider a one-time, end-of-the year additional love gift (over and above your regular giving) for the missions outreach here in Paraguay. As we have mentioned in previous update reports, the congregation of the local church here in Paraguay has taken on the project of the roof expansion in 2015. In the early part of 2015 we were able to erect the permanent roof section over the platform area which now allows us to conduct services even if it is raining – before we had to rely on tarps for shade but they did not help much to keep the rain out. So far, in 2015, we have invested over U$D 9,000 for roof expansion. This project will continue into the early part of 2016, remaining a project that is solely funded by the CEB church and ministry in Paraguay. We have included here some photos of this project.

Here are some year-end needs that you may give to as we come to the end of 2015:combo-15_mUsIcADO
We want to especially to thank and are pleased to report that a generous donor has taken care of 1 of the needed 2 portable sound systems – that we need for outreach ministry in the interior of Paraguay, an amplified speaker that is self-contained w/battery back-up. Thanks! We still need one more system – U$D 350 – just mark ‘Sound’ on a note with your giving.

Additional chairs are urgently needed for the church –U$D 15 each – we need 150 but any amount will be a blessing – just mark ‘Chairs’ on a note with your giving.

imagen4The Sunday School Department is growing! PTL! In order to be able to minister to the Adolescent age group, we are in need of a tent type structure to be used as an additional classroom. The size needs to be at least 12’x 20’ and curtains for use in inclement weather. We have estimated that this cost will be approx. U$D 1,500 - just mark ‘Tent’ on a note with your giving.