May 2016

Greetings from Paraguay & the USA!

Don’t be too surprised if you see our smiling faces this month and the month of June!

During the month of May, we will be ‘personally’ celebrating the graduation of two of our grandchildren. (No need to say that we are a wee bit proud!) Jeremy, son of Brent and Paula, is graduating from the MacMurray College in Jacksonville, Illinois; with two degrees: Business and Accounting. Jordyn, the daughter of Patrick and Sherry, is graduating from the Windsor High school in Windsor, Colorado. She will be entering the Otero Junior College in La Junta, Colorado. Jordyn’s awesome skills in volleyball, has earned her a scholarship!

Our plan this trip is also to visit some of our supporting churches, but our main goal this trip is to fulfill a promise to our grandchildren: “we will do our best to be present to celebrate the important events in your lives”. So far so good…we have been able to attend all of the graduations to this point! God is good!

**The Hola Club Children’s Hospital:

During the month of April, we visited the Children’s Hospital 4 times, sharing and praying with 413 parents and children, with 184 people choosing to pray the prayer of salvation!


*A young doctor was listening as Dolia prayed for the children and shared the Word with the parents. When Dolia turned to go to the next room, the doctor took the opportunity to tell Dolia that what she was sharing was so beautiful… she too wanted to pray the prayer! Afterwards the doctor thanked Dolia for all that we are faithfully doing, stating that this work is so important. We agree!

Each week doctors, nurses, guards, cleaning personal and others listen as we share the Word with the parents.Join us in praying that their hearts will be softened and the Holy Spirit will draw them to Father God as was the young doctor.

Also, thank God for the ‘favor’ that we are experiencing with these different groups within the hospital. Pray that the favor will continue to increase.

*Dominica is one of our volunteers that ministers outdoors where the parents, families and friends of the children in ICU, Emergency Area, Surgery Complex, plus other areas, patiently gather to wait. One week, among the parents that Dominica approached, Liz, the Director of the Italian/Paraguayan School, in Asunción, the School Secretary and a Teacher were visiting a student at the hospital. After listening carefully to what Dominica was sharing, all three visitors choose to pray the prayer of salvation!

There is so much need in the land.Join us in praying for healing and health for the children and hope and faith for the parents. Through the hospital ministry we are touching lives that have never heard the Good News. Continue to ask God to bring people from every part of Paraguay to hear of His love.

**Association of Churches and Pastors / Capiatá:

For a number of years, we have been members of the Pastors Association of Capiatá. We have witnessed a miracle as the hearts of these pastors have been ‘joined together as one’ in reaching out to our city. The dedication and unite of these pastors came to the attention of some national religious leaders. As a result, Capiatá is being used as a ‘pilot evangelizing program’ that will eventually be presented in all of Paraguay.  

During 2015 the foundation for the Campaign - Power to Change was laid thru prayer as the congregations gathered together in intercession throughout the year. A massive plan was birthed to reach out and influence the: Family; Church; Government; Education; Economy; Broadcasting Medias and Arts, thru the lives of the believers.

Now we are ready for the ‘next phase of the plan’ in 2016. Great effort has been put into presenting a huge media outreach which includes television, radio, internet, large billboards, books, etc. Our City of 280,000 people; is being flooded with the Word and opportunity for changed lives. A 24-hour Call Center, with 20 phone lines, has been made available during the month of April.

Five members of our church were selected to be a part of the 15 testimonies to be broadcasted through the massive media outreach. Your heart would be moved if you could read of their deliverances and healings! We’re talking of things like: Daniela -AIDS; Abel - drug trafficker; Mauricio - corrupt police officer; Simeona - witchcraft and Aurelio - generational curse of sickness that his father and 4 of his 5 brothers suffered. All men and women that have walked to hell and back and Jesus has set them free!

Maybe you are asking: What kind of people do you have in the local church? Believe us when we saythe best kindall forgiven and cleansed in the Blood of Jesus! God has taken the ‘bad and turned it to good’ so that others may hear and also be set free!

Join us in prayer as this campaign for change continues, extended thru the month of May.

We are praying for spiritual protection for those who opened their lives to the public through their testimonies.

We are praying for the pastors and the different churches that continue to join in the outreach.

For souls - we are lifting up the hearts and lives of the people who are being exposed to the Light of the Word and seeking help.

We are asking wisdom and direction as we minister to those who reach out in their darkness.

Join us in praying that this ‘pilot program’ will continue to grow until all of Paraguay and South America, even all of Latin America in the World, is shaken with the love, power and Word of God. 

Blessings – Jerry and Connie.