June 2016

Greetings from the USA!

We are so enjoying our time home!

As we informed you last month, our main reason for visiting the States this year was to celebrate the graduations of two of our grandchildren: Jeremy - from MacMurray college and Jordyn - from Windsor High School! Once again we want to say that we are so proud of Jeremy and Jordyn and know that God has great plans for their lives.

** Please join us in lifting them, as well as the other members of our family, to God.


We have taken advantage of our time home to attend church services with family and friends in a number of different congregations. Worshiping a receiving the Word with all these church families has been refreshing. Included in this time, we attended a seminar presented by the Family Foundations International Ministry with Craig and Jan Hill, held at Gateway on Mount Zion - Or Chaim Congregation,a Messianic Jewish Church, in Golden, Colorado. Craig and Jan are friends that we met in Paraguay through their ministry outreach which has been a great blessing to the Paraguayan people for a number of years. It was a joy to renew our friendship as well as participate in their Financial Seminar.

Pastors Victor and Marlene Cardozo have kept us informed of the Ministry and CEB Church activities in Paraguay during our absence. One of the highlights during this time has been a community outreach held on the church property to our local neighborhood, Santa Rita. The local health clinic, complete with a doctor and several nurses, set up booths to provide free health care. Mauricio and Simeona, church members, provided free haircuts. Church volunteers filled out forms and handed out the testimony books from the Pastors Association for the Power to Change Community Outreach. It was a time of joy, reaching out to help and pray for our neighbors!

The only negative report that we have received from Paraguay is that someone broke into the church property and took a number of lightbulbs. We forgive and bless the thieves, but have given instructions to put bulb guards in place so that it isn’t as easy to remove them in the future!

** We ask that you would continue to lift up Pastor Victor, the Staff and the CEB Church family, that they walk in wisdom and blessing as they handle the everyday events and challenges.

** We covet your prayers as our time in the States comes to an end. We will be returning to Paraguay on July 3, and, as normal, will hit the ground running with many different events and responsibilities.

Thank you!

Blessings – Jerry and Connie