September 2016

Greetings from Paraguay! awesome month to take a deep breath and prepare to finish the last quarter of 2016 with expectation! Looking back at the results of the many events and activities of this year, we are convinced that we, as a Ministry and Church Body, will experience even greater results! We have lifted up the Name of Jesus, and, true to His Word, God is bringing the lost into the light!

**The Hola Club Children’s Hospital:

During the month of August, we visited the Children’s Hospital 4 times, sharing and praying with 346 parents and children, with 164 people choosing to pray the prayer of salvation!


*During the last visit to the hospital in August, I, Connie, had the opportunity to pray for a beautiful teenage girl as she lay in her hospital bed. Her big brown, sad eyes touched my heart. She gave me all of her attention as I shared about God and his love. As I concluded sharing the information, I asked if she would listen to and consider repeating a short salvation prayer. I had hardly had read the ‘Amen’, when, with shining eyes, she quickly said: “This is what I need!” I couldn’t help but smile as we prayed the little prayer together… she receiving the salvation and healing that is provided in the Name of Jesus! I don’t expect to find her in the hospital on our next visit!

*Dolia shared that she had the opportunity to talk and pray with an 11-year old girl from the Interior. The little gal had been abused sexually by her father. Sadly, this nightmare continued with her mother’s knowledge but no intervention. The little girl said she had never heard about God, his love and his protection until she had come to the hospital. As she presented Jesus, Dolia prayed that the little one’s heart, emotions and mind would be healed as she trusted in Jesus. (So often it is hard to just walk away and not gather the child up in your arms and carry them home with us!)

*Pastor Bette shared about José, a 5-year old had all the symptoms of having suffered a stroke… his little face was twisted to the side. The doctors found that, instead of a stroke, he had an infection on his brain and was scheduled for surgery. When Bette began to talk with the grandmother, she encountered a very angry lady who ‘did not want to hear anything about a God that would do such a thing to a child!’ After trying to comfort the grandmother, Bette asked if she could just pray for little José? The grandmother said yes, but that is all! The next week José was still in the hospital, but this time Bette was greeted with a smiling grandmother. With great emotion, she asked Bette to pray for her grandson, was willing to listen to the Word and also prayed to receive Jesus! God had worked on behalf of José; the doctors decided that the operation was not necessary, they could treat the infection with medication! God is an expert in changing the negative into the positive!

Join us in thanking God for what He is doing in the hearts and bodies of the children and their parents.

Also, one of our Hola Club Volunteers, Dominica is suffering back pain most likely caused from stress. Dominica thought that her husband had paid off the loan on their property before he passed away. Now, after 4 years she has been contacted that she will lose her home if she doesn’t pay the back payments and interest – approximately U$D 3,000. This little 65-year old widow has no other income other than the small pension left by her husband. Pray for the intervention of God!

**The Bible Institute and Prison Ministry

During the month of August, Jerry spent many hours ‘behind bars’ at the prison teaching the Bible Institute class: ‘Ministry of Helps’. Here are some testimonies from one of his favorite places to teach, the men are so open to receive the teachings… and they feed him lunch!


*Jorge causes Jerry to smile as he sits on the edge of his chair, eyes glued to the teacher, absorbing every word of the teaching. (Father, give us more students this hungry for your Word!)

*After one of the segments of the class on ‘Ministry of Helps’ was finished, Edison grabbed up the plastic chairs used in the class, saying that he was going to put the lesson into practice and wash the chairs! (A man that has ears to hear, a heart that believes and a will to do!)

*The last Friday in August, Jerry taught the 4-hour Bible class, but afterwards had to run an errand in Asunción. Upon returning to the prison at 3:30 pm to minister in the 5:00 pm Friday evening service, Oscar, our Ministry Secretary in the prison, insisted that Jerry lay on his bed and rest while waiting for the service. To make sure he did, Oscar slipped off Jerry’s shoes. Looking at the shoes, Oscar said: “These shoes need to be polished!” and off he went to polish the shoes while Jerry rested! (Oscar is a man with a humble heart and one that that God is giving much influence in the prison.)

Join us in lifting up these men in prison as they let their light shine and proclaim the Name of Jesus in what could be a very dangerous setting. These are men transformed by the Word, becoming true servants who are listening and putting into practice what they are learning.

Blessings – Jerry and Connie