November 2016

Greetings from Paraguay and the USA!
During November Jerry, will have the privilege of traveling to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala to attend the 2016 Living Water Teaching Directors’ Meeting! Gathering once every two years in Guatemala, we share what is happening in our different counties. How exciting it is to hear what God is doing in the hearts and lives of so many in Central and South America! This time of sharing, praying and ‘just hanging out’ together is refreshing and encouraging. Pastors Clarence and Marion Wright, Pastors Keith and Debbie Spanberger, with the help of the ‘Guatemalan crew’, put a lot of effort in making this a special and informative time for us. Without a doubt, the Living Water Teaching ministries are working hard to win souls and train them in the Word of God. And to top everything off, he will get to attend and receive from anointed teachers during the LWT Fall Bible School Seminar and Graduation. Thank you for your ‘input’ as you pray and support us all!
** 2016 Missions School in the USA:
On Tuesday, October 11, at 2:30 am, Jerry and Pastors Victor and Marlene headed to the Asunción airport, for their first of three flights on their 26-hour ‘trek’ up North to Colorado to attend the first ever School of Missions at our home church, Resurrection Fellowship (REZ). We especially want to thank Senior Pastor Jonathan Wiggins, Missions Pastor Samuel Brum, missions’ coordinator Cathy Brendemihl, the translators and all the wonderful volunteers that were available to help in any way and for receiving us and ministering to us in a mighty Way. And, a big thank-you to the CEB local church in Paraguay that made it possible – they paid the way! - that Pastors Victor and Marlene could participate in the School – you will reap a big reward for your generosity.


Wednesday, the 12th, was a short but long day of some rest but also a day of preparation as Pastors Victor and Marlene were scheduled to share about Paraguay with several classes of students at the Resurrection Christian School (RCS). All total, over Thursday the 13th and Friday the 14th, eight (8) different classes (over 300 students) learned personally about Paraguay and its customs and traditions. On the 15th, Saturday evening, Pastors shared, in Spanish, in song and the Word in a small group meeting, ministering under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

The first session of the Mission School was scheduled for Sunday evening the 16th and ran for ten days, culminating on the 26 with a general share time with the 30 some attendees of the school. We were blest to get to know missionaries and pastors from the Philippine Islands, Mali in Africa, Peru and Brazil in South America, Mexico, Belize and Honduras in Central America, Pakistan and many local missionaries and missionary candidates getting prepared to ‘go out’.

Loren Cunningham, founder of YWAM Ministries – Missions Legacy/Hope;
Jervis Fisher, Belize – Ministering to the Poor/Needy;
Greg and Harmony Brown, REZ – Short/Long term missions and Fund Raising;
Mike Walker, Fort Collins, Timberline Church – Community/Acts of Service;
Kelli Bradley, Dream Center in Los Angeles – Church and Community;
Bob Gableman, Victory Christian Harvesters, Mexico – Evangelism/Discipleship;
Kathy Melson, REZ – Need of Holy Spirit/Fasting;
David Melson, REZ – Ministry Finances/Integrity;
Pastor Jonathan Wiggins, REZ – Leadership;
Mario Freitas, MORE International – Ministering to the Suffering Church;
Dale Anderson, IHOP, Kansas City – Role of Israel in Missions;
Adam Lowry, REZ – Media Creativity Among Nations.

There are many other thoughts that we could share here about what was learned and ministered but we believe that the things learned will be useful tools to change the Nations for Jesus. We have included a few photos so that you may enjoy some of the trip and the missions school with us.

**The Hola Club Children’s Hospital:
During the month of October, we visited the Children’s Hospital 4 times, sharing and praying with 319 parents and children, with 178 people choosing to pray the prayer of salvation!
**The grandparents of Baby Aldo were taking their turn sitting by the bedside of their little grandson, when Pastor Bette asked to pray for him. Taking the time to listen and then share the plan of salvation, Bette led the grandparents in a short prayer. As she was going out the door, the grandfather asked to speak with her. ‘Grandpa’ wanted to tell Pastor Bette that even though his wife had gone to church, he never paid much attention. He said that he had spent time in prison and many people came to preach, but again, he didn’t listen. He said: “Today, as I listened and prayed with you, I felt something different in my heart…thank you for praying with me.”
**When we share, we receive…two testimonies in one! (Part 1) Abel, the adopted son of Pastor Bette, received an electrical shock when he leaned against a metal fence following a big storm. For a time he was ‘glued’ to the fence and then suddenly ‘thrown back’ way. (210-voltage has quite a kick!) At that very moment, a man was walking past the house. He joined Bette as she ran to help Abel. Immediately he took charge of the situation, saying that he was a doctor and had worked with many cases dealing with electrical shocks. The examination showed no burns or injuries, so the doctor recommended that they take Abel to Acosta Ñú Children’s Hospital for observation. (Abel was fine with only a headache for his experience…a miracle of God!) (Part 2) As Bette and Martin sat with their son, a young mother that Bette had prayed with the week before came over to talk with them. She comforted Bette and Martin as she listened to why they were at the hospital. The mother continued to tell Pastor Bette that her baby was doing so much better. And, NOW she was going to other mothers in the hospital and telling them what Pastor Bette had shared with her about Jesus. She was telling them to have hope!
**Seeing the results…during our last visit to the hospital in October, I, Connie, entered one of the rooms to pray. There were 3 children, each with their mamma sitting beside them. One mother smiled her welcome; it was her second week at the hospital. I wish you could have seen her face… she just glowed! Jesus had done a work in her heart and her little one was doing much better! (I just wanted to go and hug her!) One of the other two mammas chose to pray with me, and before my eyes, a soft smile began to light up her face. I just know if she is still present next week, we will have another ‘glowing testimony’ of the work of the Word in a precious heart! God is good!
Join us in thanking Father God for the wonderful work that He is doing in the hearts and lives of the children, their parents and grandparents. Also, continue to pray protection for the volunteers and their families…they are on the front lines doing the work of the Word, and the enemy is not happy.
Blessings – Jerry and Connie