March 2017

Greetings from Paraguay!

March has arrived and we believe that it will overflow with blessings! On a personal note, March is a special month for us… our Wedding Anniversary! This year we celebrate ‘50 Years’ together. Because the 12th falls on a Sunday, we plan to have a BIG cake to share with the CEB Church family. Come on down… you’re invited too! Next month we will include some pictures of the event!

**The Hola Club Children’s Hospital:

* During the month of February, we visited the Children’s Hospital 4 times, sharing and praying with 357 parents and children, with 169 people choosing to pray the prayer of salvation!

With tears of joy, Bette related the response of two fathers who were waiting outside of the ICU. As she shared the Word, the men began to weep - which for a Paraguayan man, to do in public, is something! On top of being forgiven, they received hope for their sons… the sons that the doctors have said will not recover. These same two men were sitting outside the ICU building the following week. Bette introduced the rest of the Hola Club team to them and we marveled at the words of faith that flowed from the mouths of these men. The sons continue to live, there are serious problems yet, but the words spoken by their fathers are words of faith, hope and life!

A young mother told us that two years ago, her then 2-year old son, had been in the Children’s Hospital having one diseased lung removed. She said that at that time we prayed for them and she had received Jesus. With a shy smile, she said that she has continued to be a Christian and attends church regularly. Recently, her now 4 year son began to experience some health problems. She took him to another hospital, they took x-rays and began to tell her about the conditon of her sons lungs. She startled them with the information that one lung had been removed… BUT, there were two shown in the x-ray! The doctors sent the little guy and his mother back to the Children’s Hospital. After more x-rays and the shaking of many heads, the doctors have proclaimed this to be ‘a true miracle of God’!

Dolia prayed for 8-year old Leonardo and his mother two weeks in a row. They were at the hospital because one day, without explanation, little Leonardo could no longer walk. After their examination and many tests, the doctors told the mother that Leonardo probably would never walk again. BUT, the power of prayer and faith changed the prognosis… just last week Leonardo amazed the doctors by taking 4 steps on his own! The doctors sent Leonardo home to let God finish His miraculous work, because there was nothing that they could do. Dolia continues to talk with the mother by phone. Leonardo is now running and playing as normal! He has joined his classmates as the new school year begins!

* Oh, by the way, our friend, the ‘Christian Brazilan doctor’, continues to follow us around praising God and thanking us for the work that we are doing… what an encouragement!

Join us in thanking God for the many testimonies, the salvations and the wonderful things that God is doing in this ever growing hospital. A new security company has been hired. Join us in thanking God for the guards of the old company that received Jesus thru our visits. Pray that the new guards will also listen, believe and receive as they monitor our weekly activities.

**CEB Bible Institute:

The 2017 Bible Institute classes have begun! The first session, here at the office, proved to be interesting. A neighbor began beating on the metal divider with a broom handle, placed several years ago, to protect students from flying rocks and chicken bones. The neighbor was complaining of the noise. Everyone was shocked at her reaction, because the teacher was a quiet spoken man, teaching without a microphone. We bit or tongues and guarded our reactions… taking time to pray for her. We are happy to report that the following week was peaceful, due partially to the fact that Jerry rearranged the office so that the class could be held indoors.

Join us in blessing our neighbors and praying that the Word will produce peace instead of anger if they are listening to what is being taught. Also, join us in asking Father God for a new wing of classrooms for the Bible Institute and CEB Church. God has blessed us with the land.

The Ministry of Helps is a six-week class that Jerry travels and presents in other churches on request. Following the second week teaching in Yaguarón, a city approximately one hour from the office, a man came to Jerry, taking his hand sharing that he had been born again in this church and had sat under years of good Bible teaching. He wanted to thank Jerry, because… in his words: “This is the clearest teaching that I have ever heard!”

Please join us in thanking God for His Word that is bursting forth as light as men and women open their hearts to receive. Pray for a harvest of new workers in the different churches, as they learn how to be a blessing to their pastor and one another.

**CEB Church:

On the 19th of February, we received new members into the CEB Church body! It was a celebration as Pastors Victor and Marlene, along with the Church Board Members, welcomed the adults, youth and children into the different membership categories.

We thank God for the confidence placed in the leadership of the church. Pray with us that each new member will be built up in the Word and become a productive member that reaches out to their families and community.


* The first phase – foundation, retaining and dividing walls – is nearing completion as we progress with the installation of the permanent floor in the main meeting area. Electrical conduits are being installed for the preparation of the actual pouring of the concrete sub-flooring to which will be added ceramic tile. The foundation for the new sound booth area is progressing so that soon we can take out the old location and upgrade the sound system.

Having spent U$D 4,000 – 2,590 sq. ft. at $1.55/sq. ft. - to date on this first phase, we ask you to believe with us for the completion of the following next phases of construction:

1. Phase 2 of flooring – preparation of sub-base for tiles – U$D 4,000 - $1.55/sq. ft.

2. Phase 3 of flooring – ceramic flooring installation – U$D 6,000 - $2.33/sq. ft.

3. Installation of electrical system and lighting – U$D 8,000 - $3.09/sq. ft.

4. Sound system upgrade – U$D 10,000.


Blessings and thanks for believing in and for us – Jerry and Connie.