July 2017

Greetings from Paraguay!

June…was filled with God’s abundance and we are sure He even multiplied a few things also!

**The Hola Club Children’s Hospital:

We are pleased to share that one out of the three prayer requests from last month has been answered… the Nissan is out of the repair shop, bill paid in full! (Thank you, D & J, for listening to the leading of the Holy Spirit, hardly a day has gone by without us using the vehicle.) We haven’t given up on the other two requests: other licensed drivers and a van large enough to haul the Hola Club volunteers (we will share with the other church departments!). We are confident that at the correct time, these needs will be met also!

During the month of June, we visited the children’s hospital 5 times. We ministered to 499 children and adults during these visits. There were 197 parents and other adults that chose to pray the prayer of salvation with us.


*June 2 - Hola Club’s 12th Anniversary of visiting the children’s hospital in Reducto. We are pleased to say that in these 12 years, the totals from June 2005 thru June 2017 show that we have been able to pray and minister to 35,844 children and their parents. (This number is not exact, because we only count one parent to a patient; sometimes both parents are present or the room is filled with family and friends.) Even more exciting is the fact that there have been 15,226 adults and older children that chose to pray the prayer of Salvation. In our small way, we are touching every corner of Paraguay with God’s love and Word!

*Dolia was so excited, she wanted to be sure that we shared about 8-year old Hae. Hae had contacted a virus that caused her to completely lose sight in one eye and rapidly affecting the other also. The doctors were medicating both eyes, but they did not give much hope for restored vision. Dolia listened to the report from the mother of Hae, then she began to share about the power of God. The mother listened intently, she chose to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior, then joined with Dolia as she prayed for her daughter. The following week Hae and her mother were still present in the hospital. The mother was quick to tell Dolia that, to the doctor’s surprise, both eyes were starting to clear up and her sight was returning! Together they thanked God and prayed for complete healing and restoration of Hae’s sight.

*Celeste is our volunteer that enters into the ICU wing to pray and then goes to the Cancer wing to teach a short Bible lesson to the children. She was all smiles as she shared how the children in the Cancer wing are always sitting around the table waiting for her arrival. The parents and even the security guard gather around to listen as she shares the Word of God.

Please join us in thanking God that we are once again making our weekly visits!(We speak long life over the Nissan!) We lift up the many children that are being affected with the ever-changing temperatures of the winter months.

**CEB Church:

June 15th was the 20th Anniversary of the CEB Church!On Sunday, June 25th, we planned a BIG BLOWOUT to celebrate the occasion. Our members out did themselves with the decorations, special musical presentations and preparation for the day. Jerry took time to share about the changes over the past 20 years, and Pastor Victor shared about the future. Our youth of all ages blessed us with several outstanding choreographic presentations. Everyone joined forces to set up tables, lay out the place settings and rearrange the chairs after the main service. A group of men barbequed about 220 pounds of meat for the all church lunch. Invited (and uninvited) guests arrive making 330 people present to shout, sing and dance as we celebrated what God has done in this place. It was a great day and we are thankful for the warm and dry weather we had for this busy weekend.  God has and will continue doing great things at the CEB Church, Capiatá, Paraguay! (See collage of photos on last page)

Join us in thanking God for His faithfulness over the years and His plans for the future. Pray that the leadership listen carefully and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit as we continue to center all that we do and teach around the Name of Jesus.

**CEB Bible Institute:

We always receive various contacts from churches interested in receiving the Bible Institute classes in their location. Most of them are from the interior of Paraguay, but others are from other nations such as: Argentina and Chile. There was one pastor who was so interested, that he and number of church members came to the Anniversary Celebration to check us out. They must have felt at home, because the Pastor and his wife were singing and dancing with us during the celebration! When we thanked them for coming, they responded that they would be waiting for us at their church. Glad we passed the test!

Join us in praying for wisdom in establishing Bible Institute classes in places where the students are truly hungry for the Word and will faithfully attend the classes. Pray that the students who are now studying will not become discouraged.

Having spent U$D 6,600– 2,590 sq. ft. at $2.55/sq. ft. - to date on this first phase of the installation of the floor, we ask you to believe with us for the completion of the following next phases of construction. How many sq. ft. can you help with?

       1. Phase 2 of flooring – finishing of sub-base for tiles – U$D 4,000 - $1.55/sq. ft.

       2. Phase 3 of flooring – ceramic tile flooring installation – U$D 6,000 - $2.33/sq. ft.

         3. Installation of electrical system and lighting – U$D 8,000 - $3.09/sq. ft.

         4. Sound system upgrade – U$D 10,000.

Blessings – Jerry and Connie