January 2018

Greetings from the USA!
Happy New Year to you all! We are expecting this to be a great year for each one of you! The word that God spoke to our hearts as we prepared to travel to the USA in November 2017, was RESTORATION. Restoration for us personally and for our family… at all levels. We have been soaking in the Word and presence of God, allowing the restoration of God to saturate us. That’s not to say that we have not been busy, our first month home passed so quickly, we were amazed!
Jerry has been using his carpentry skills in helping with repairs at our son Brent’s home and where we are living. We found that someone had helped themselves to the some of his tools in the tool shed, but even so, he has been able to accomplish much. One of his projects will be to replace our front door; someone had kicked it open, breaking the door and the door frame. (At the time, Patrick couldn’t find anything disturbed, so we are thankful for that!)
Swing in Connie's prayer room.I, Connie, am so pleased; I have converted the small third bedroom into my ‘Prayer Room’! I asked Jerry to set up our porch swing in the room and now I can swing and pray until my heart is content. You are welcome to come and join me!
The weekly reports and contacts with Pastor Victor in Paraguay have been positive, and we will be sharing some of the departmental information with you in the following areas. God continues to bless and move in special ways in Paraguay!

**Personal Milestone:
January 13 is our 25th Anniversary of being in Paraguay! The years have passed quickly, there have been both positive and negative experiences, but best of all, we have seen God do many great things as the Word has gone forth during this time! God has been faithful to us…just as He promised in His Word!

**The Hola Club Children’s Hospital:
During the month of December 2017, we visited the children’s hospital 2 times. We were able to minister to: 134 children and adults during these visits. There were 90 parents and other adults that chose to pray the prayer of salvation with us.
Craft time for cancer wing of the Children's Hospital.In the middle of our preparations for our trip to the States, Celeste asked if it would be possible to prepare a Christmas craft for the children and their parents in the Cancer Wing of the Children’s Hospital. It took a moment, but we were able to come up with a pretty wreath craft that was simple enough for the children to put together. Here is a picture of 7-year-old Yanna, a leukemia patient, doing her craft. Her comment was: “Doing crafts makes me relax a lot… I’m very happy!” All the mothers were very pleased with the special time that Celeste spent with them all. (Well worth the extra time spent in craft hunting, huh?)
Needs your Prayer.Please join us in praying for the faithful volunteers, they have taken a few weeks off at the end of the Year2017 to spend time with their own families. Pray for renewed vision as they return this month to share the Word and prayer with so many needy families.

**CEB Church:

*Of the many ‘end of the year programs’ that Pastor Victor shared, the All Church Christmas Dinner was one of the favorite. The church body took up a special offering to buy a BUNCH of chicken, which they barbequed. It is always a celebration when we get together to eat… and this sounded like it was a great time! This time is always a blessing, because many people that have not come for a time; make a special effort and we renew their friendships.
*There was also the end of the year closing of the Music Academy. Due to a heavy rain storm, they were a bit concerned, but the sun came out long enough for the presentations of the certificates and concert of the students.

*Another end of the year closing was of the Bible Institute classes. Some of the students had to work extra hard to have all their classwork completed, but they were successful! Many will be moving to the next level classes in February 2018.
*The CEB Church Staff faithfully completed the end of the year duties, received their yearly bonuses and had some time off for Christmas and New Year. We are surrounded by a great group of people that love God and us. They do more than their share to see that the LWT-Paraguay Ministry and CEB Church runs smoothly.
*A SPECIAL TESTIMONY: After several years of marriage and no children, Blas and Deysi were very discouraged. During one of the praise and worship times of the church, Pastor Victor felt lead to tell Deysi to ‘dance’ before the Lord and He would give her the desires of her heart. Deysi did and God did… our latest news from Pastor Victor, they are pregnant!!!
Needs your prayer.Join us in thanking God for all of the blessed people that we have been blessed with in the different areas of ministry. Pray that they will continue to have a great love and passion for the things of God. Pray that each one is blessed in their home, work and lives and they continue to grow in the Word of God.

**CFC Prison Ministry:

We were so blessed when we received this report from Pastor Victor, concerning the end of the year celebration held at the Prison Agrupación. Pastor Victor shared:
The Head Director of the Agrupación Prison attended the closing service and asked to give the opening speech of the program. With tears in his eyes, the Director said that he wanted to publicly thank and honor Oscar for the activities presented for the inmates during the Year 2017. Looking at Oscar, he said: “As long as I am the Director here, you have complete liberty to do your activities.” Pastor Victor said he felt that this was a symbolic act of giving the spiritual keys to Oscar, to continue doing the evangelical work in this prison. As we have stated before, it is our desire to make Oscar the Director of the Prison Ministry when he is released. Until then, he is faithfully lifting the Name of Jesus to the point that the Prison Administration is taking note! We consider this a great break through and one of the highest honors extended to our team in the more than 15 years that we have served in this place.
Needs your prayer.Join us in thanking God for Oscar and the work being completed in the prison with the Resurrection Church and the Bible Institute. Pray that this Prison Director continues in his position for a long time, and that we continue to find favor if and when command positions are changed.
Blessings – Jerry and Connie