February 2018

Greetings from the USA!

Happy Valentine’s Month! We are wishing you a heart full of love… it’s so fun to be here to celebrate the US holidays! This year we get to buy ‘real Valentine cards’ for our grandchildren, instead of sending e-cards. It’s the little things that fill the heart with joy!

We continue to spend most of our time working on Mom White’s mobile home, as we ‘rest & restore’. (Well, there’s not a lot of rest going on, but it is a different kind of work than normal.) Jerry got the door opening enlarged and the new door hung. Had to shake our heads, the temperature got up to the 50’s and there was snow in the ground, and we are cutting a huge hole in the side of the trailer. Thank God, we were able to get it closed in before dark! Otherwise, we have been tearing out, repairing and painting… still have the bedrooms to go, but we are on a roll!

We thank Father God for our daily time in His presence and the Word we are receiving from our home church, Resurrection Fellowship. The series of messages that Pastor Jonathan shared in January, titled ‘The Dreamers’, has given us insight and comfort. One example was the area of dreams/visions/goals that are meant to be passed on to the next generation, where they continue to build on and bring those dreams to pass. We shared last month with you that January 13 was our 25th Anniversary of being in Paraguay. With Pastor Jonathan’s sermons in mind, we are pleased when looking back over the years, and more content about areas that have yet to come to be completed. As we continue, it is a comfort to know that as we are faithful to do our part, God is faithful to complete the ‘dream’ that He placed in our hearts for Paraguay!

**The Hola Club Children’s Hospital:

During the month of January 2018, our faithful ladies visited the children’s hospital 4 times. We were able to minister to: 279 children and adults during these visits. There were 139 parents and other adults that chose to pray the prayer of salvation with us.


Even though we do not have all the different totals of materials given, visits made, etc., during the Year, 2017 (the records are in Paraguay); Jerry said that his reports show that there were 1,607 decisions made for Jesus through the ministry of the Hola Club! We continue to be amazed at what can be accomplished if one is willing to take the time once a week to share God’s love and Word.

Please join us in praying for this life changing ministry and thanking God for His awesome work during the past year. FINANCIAL OPPORTUNITY: The Hola Club Ministry (HCM) is good ground to sow in. Currently the HCM budget is falling short of providing the $250 monthly needed to purchase supplies, materials and provide transportation for the weekly visits. How much can you commit to, over and above your regular monthly support for Paraguay, as a one-time offering or a REGULAR monthly offering to help end this budget shortfall? PLEASE CONTACT US AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

**CEB Church:

CEB Church Work Day*Pastor Victor and the CEB Church Family have started the New Year 2018 by cleaning and making improvements on the church property. This has been hard work with the heat factor reaching 105 degrees, times of heavy rains and flooding, and families taking their summer vacations. All in all, much has been accomplished as the many hands have come together to serve.

Join us in thanking God for each person that has shown their love for God, the Church and Ministry by giving of their time and labor of love.

*Pastor Victor sent a special prayer request: During the last month, thieves have broken into the church properties at least twice. The first known break-in was in the church tool shed, and they carried way many small tools. The second known break-in was in the kitchen storage area, but they did not take any items. Pastor Victor and Luis reported the break-ins and the police are investigating. The consensus is that some of the local drug addicts are trying to support their habits; they are no longer satisfied with only stealing lightbulbs.

Please join us in praying for protection for the CEB Church property, but more importantly for the young men that have had to stoop to the point of stealing. Pray that they encounter Jesus and are set free from their bondage. FINANCIAL OPPORTUNITY: The continued situation of unauthorized persons entering the property, to … rob, steal or destroy…, needs to be resolved. we have established a temporary nighttime guard service, seven days a week, made up of staff and volunteer members of the congregation. we need to go one step further. We must, as soon as possible, install a NINE-FOOT-HIGH perimeter security fence – approx. 150 feet in length - on two sides of the property. this fence, including an electronic security surveillance system, will cost $10,000 – that’s $67 per lineal foot. How many feet of fence are you able to supply? PLEASE CONTACT US AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

* Pastor Victor was excited to share that during the Sunday services in January, the CEB Church averaged 200+ in attendance. This is exciting because of the weekly rain storms and January being the ‘summer vacation month’. Pastor Marlene reported that the Sunday school had increased to 65 children!

**CFC Prison Ministry:

Oscar and his family.Several months back we shared with you about the big named drug trafficker that was scheduled to be transferred back to Brazil. Oscar (picture of Oscar and his family) recently shared a heartwarming testimony about his interaction with this notorious Brazilian convict. At first this man was very critical of Oscar and the members of the Resurrection Church within the prison. Being raised Adventist, he condemned them saying the Ten Commandments said they should worship on Saturday. Oscar’s response was to say that the same Ten Commandments stated that we were not to kill or commit adultery… which the other man practiced openly. From that point, Oscar and man became close friends, spending much time together the last few days before his transfer.

The day of the notification of his extradition, the man’s nervous system collapsed under the great stress and fear that he was experiencing. The guards took Oscar to where his friend was being held. For the seriousness of his condition, they allowed the man’s son to be present. Oscar spent the whole night sharing with the two men about the love and forgiveness that they could find in Jesus Christ. They both sat perplexed at what they were hearing about the love God. By morning both the man and his son, with tears, had confessed their sins and received Jesus as Lord and Savior! When the authorities came to transfer the man, he walked out of the prison, eyes swollen and red from his time with God but without fear. His parting words to Oscar were: “All you have done has not been in vain.”

Oscar concluded that he was amazed at the power of God; he had witnessed the man who was one of the most feared and powerful drug traffickers in the South American continent, fall to the floor completely broken before Jesus!

Join us in thanking God for Oscar’s faithful work and the man and his son as they walk out their salvation. PLEASE NOTE: The CFC Prison Ministry if wholly funded as a Home Missions Outreach of the Local CEB church in Paraguay.

Blessings – Jerry and Connie