About Us

Jerry and Connie White have served, with Living Water Teaching in Paraguay, South America for 22 years. Arriving in Paraguay in January, 1993, the first 2-1/2 years in Paraguay were spent in assisting the former founders and directors of LWT-Paraguay in the establishment of the LWT Bible Teaching Center and local church. In January of 1996, after a 4 month time in Guatemala and the US, Jerry and Connie returned to Paraguay as Directors with Living Water Teaching.
LWT – Paraguay ministers the life giving Word of God in four major ministry outreaches in Paraguay to an average of 560 people units per month – that’s over 500,000 people units over the last 18 years or over 7% of the Paraguayan population – our goal is to tithe 10% of the population to God.
The four ministry areas are:
The Bible Teaching Center Bible School where we have ministered to, since October 1, 1997, a monthly average of 159 students in the four levels of study, have graduated 2,453 students from these levels of study, had 52 correspondence students, conducting 19,464 hours of Bible school classes.

The Bible Teaching Center Local Church has been an integral part and base for all ministry activities since its formal establishment on June 15, 1997 – we will celebrate 18 years since its founding. The main church body is located in the city of Capiatá, Paraguay with three annex churches located in the interior of the country. Since record keeping began in October of 1997, we have conducted 11,537 church services, 6,490 prayer meetings, realizing a total of 6,842 first time salvations, with 299 water baptisms and 476 Holy Spirit baptisms with the evidence of speaking in other tongues.
The Center for Christian Formation Prison Ministry was established over 11 years ago and reaches out to the political, military and police prisoners incarcerated in the Special Military
Group Prison. There have been 681 salvations in the prison and we have seen the formation of an annex church called Restoration Church where the prisoners minister on a daily basis through the church and chaplain services to the nearly 300 prisoners.
The Hola Club Ministry, established in June of 2005, reaches out to the Acosta Nú Children’s Hospital where we have seen 10,810 salvations and distributed multiple thousands of written materials and stuffed animals to the patients as well as the hospital staff and security personnel. The Hola Club Staff ministers to an average of 110 patients and parents, siblings, grandparents, etc. during the once a week visits – that’s over 60,000 individuals!; many of them have taken the materials and the Word of God back to their homes to all corners – the four winds - of Paraguay.
We thank all of Living Water Teaching for being behind us and thank all of our financial and prayer supporters for being with us these last 22 years. We look forward to many more ‘fruitful’ years as Directors of Living Water Teaching – Paraguay.