January 2010

Dear Friends and Family,

It has been 10-months since we have held the Bible Institute classes and regular church services in the Prison ‘Agrupación Especializada’. It was due to an escape of prisoners that the door of ministry opportunity slammed shut. During this time there have been a number of turnovers in directors and guards, and many new policies put in effect.


Victor Cardozo has been diligent in returning to the prison, asking for permission to reenter to hold the Bible Institute classes and weekly church services. He submitted requests, but week after week the response was the same… ‘No, not at this time.’ It seemed that each time a director showed signs of interest in our ministry; he would be replaced with another.

Finally we decided to provide CDs of the sermons being taught on Sunday mornings in the CEB Church for our students. At least they would receive ‘spiritual food’ and know that we were supporting them.

When the CDs were delivered, we found that they had to pass through an ‘inspection’ before the men could receive them. It seems that secret messages with escape plans had been smuggled into the prison by including them in CDs that had been provided for the inmates.

After waiting a time, the students went to the director to see if they could receive their CDs. They found that he was carefully listening to each sermon taught. He gave them the CDs that he had listened to, with a promise that they could have the rest… when he was finished!


Pray for the salvation of this director as he listens to the Word of God. Once again, God is taking something that the enemy meant as ‘bad’ and is turning it into ‘good’.

Oh yes, this month, January, word was received that we will be allowed to reenter into prison to minister in the month of February! Praise God!

Look at what the Lord is doing!