March 2010


Dear Family and Friends,

In the month of March we had two special visitors from the States: Dr. J. Gordon Henry and Pastor Mark Balderson. Maybe you are thinking ‘BIG DEAL’… but for us it was! In the past, we have gone for one or two years without seeing other North Americans, but in this last year we have had monthly contact with other missioners in Paraguay and visitors. We feel very blessed!

Ken and Crystal Hagerman, Tapé Misiones stationed in Carapeguá, contacted us, asking if we would be willing to host a ‘Prayer Seminar’ with Dr. J. Gordon Henry. They wanted to use a neutral place, 01where other church denominations would feel comfortable in attending. After checking out his teachings, we opened our doors wide to Dr. Henry; he was a man after our own heart! The Doctor is a 73 year old (Young?) gentleman that has spent the last 30 years traveling around the world teaching seminars on prayer. This being the 30th Year of his ministry, Dr. Henry is determined to teach 30 seminars this year. What a blessing he was to our church and the 19 others that were represented by pastors or members. In our conversations with Pastor Henry, we learned that he had taught the Prayer Seminar in the Theological School in our home church, Resurrection Fellowship, Loveland, Colorado. Small world, right?

On top of the wonderful teaching that we received, we established and on-going friendship with Ken and Christie and their two daughters: Camille and Caroline. It is great to see a young couple with a heart for the Paraguayan people. We know that we will be helping one another in the future… our goals are the same, ‘training the Paraguayan people in the Word of God’.

Our second guest was Pastor Mark Balderson, Missions Pastor at Resurrection Fellowship in 02Loveland, Colorado. Pastor Mark had been on a ‘working mission’s trip’ in Argentina. While his crew of men finished up the project, Pastor Mark dropped in to visit us. He was only with us for three days, but took the time to minister to our Staff, speak at a Pastor’s Breakfast Meeting, and hold an evening service for the church and Bible School members. Contacting the great number of missionaries that he pastors, Pastor Mark is only able to visit us once every two or three years. It is always a blessing to us to be able to get first hand information about what is happening at home and learn of our friends.


God is always so good in giving us opportunities to be refreshed in His Word and to make and renew friendships. Sometimes at first these opportunities seem to be ‘just more work for an already busy schedule’, but afterwards we can see that we have received the greater blessing!